Baby Water Pools (2x2, 3x3, 4x4)

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As you all know I have a baby of 12 months old. So, just saw the pools in the road side and found interesting to buy one. When I bought one and saw my babies happiness out of it. She is really enjoying her day with this waterpool. For now, we are using this for twice a day. once in the morning, it will entertain to play with water as well she finishes her bath together at once.

And, in the evening around 8:30PM, she will again sit in it and enjoy warm water bath and she feels like a recreation when she is in the pool.

I felt few advantages of using this pool. 


1. Entertainment/Recreation to the Baby

2. Bathing 

3. Good Exercise

4. Babies will become so Active whole day

5. Babies can sleep for long time which will help them to grow


What else, many more, there are many things which we will even not aware how it is useful. All these is just a quarter to thousand rupees only.

With this interest, I started doing this as my second earnings and to pay some of my bills as we have always.

The prices of the different sizes are given below. For your information I am only displaying one pic but the pics differ from each size which is not displayed here because it looks like a duplicate of others. 

The brand of the product is INTEX

So, here we go:

2x2 Pool : Rs. 219.99 (small) 
3x3 Pool : Rs. 284.99 (medium)
4x4 Pool : Rs. 414.99 (large)

If you are interested to buy, Send me an email (nourgent@gmail.com) for payment link. 


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