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This is the place where you get rental free membership to access MOBILE and DTH recharge instantly. You have two options to recharge your mobile and DTH. One, through website and the other through your linked mobile number. More details on this 

What is this all about?

This is all about the Mobile Recharge (2G, 3G) including Top Up, Normal Recharge and Special Recharge.

This is all about the DTH Recharge including new connections and activations.

This is all about the DATA CARD recharges,

All can be done using a single existing SIM (we will map your number to our software) instantly and successfully any time, any where and any network.

You can use this either for business or for self.

Why should I take this?

If you are running a retail shop or for that matter any shop, recharge your customers Mobile and DTH and get paid by them. We have all networks linked with us to recharge (8 mobile networks and 6 DTH networks).

I do not have a shop running?

No problem, atleast you and your family members will have prepaid mobiles and DTH (cable) at home so, you can recharge it by yourself rather going to the shop for the currency loading. This has dual advantage 1. Running a recharge business 2. Doing it for the family members and friends. Recharge any Mobile and any DTH networks in one click or in one sms under single umbrella.

What are the networks available for recharge?

Mobile Networks:









DTH Networks:







What is the commission percentage to do this?

Commission percentage varies for Mobile and DTH networks.

The Mobile networks commissions vary as below:

BSNL    2.5%

DOCOMO   2.5%

AIRCEL   2.5%



UNINOR   2.3%

IDEA   2.0%

AIRTEL   1.0%

However, DTH network commissions vary as below:

TATA SKY - 3.00%

VIDEOCON - 3.00%

SUN DIRECT - 3.00%

RELIANCE - 3.00%

DISH TV - 2.50%

AIRTEL - 2.50%

If I am interested, how should I go for this?

Firstly, thank you for your interest. To avail this facility just need to share your mobile number and name with us to register. We will give you the login id and password via SMS or via e-mail to access the website (www.alldth.co.in). By using Login ID and Password you can instantly recharge or load the currency to your customers, family members, friends and what not your girl friend(s) as well. ;)

Additionally, the advantage of taking a membership here can start your new business with Zero deposit and Zero rental. 

Is there any charge applicable to open the membership?

Yes, the nominal fee of Rs.450/- has been charged as registration fee. And is to provide you the Login ID and Password to access through computer and activate/link your mobile number with our server. The registration fee is non-refundable. In addition, we will not charge you any deposit amount.


What Do I Get If I refer SomeOne?

Refer a person and earn an incentive of Rs.150 per sale/per retailer. We need ID proof, one Photo with customer seal and signature on it. That's it.


What is the minimum and maximum transfer amount?

We can transfer minimum of Rs.2000/- to the maximum of Rs.1,00,000/- at a time. But, we cannot send the same denominations twice on the same day because the system doesnot allow to transfer the currency of same denomination twice in a day.

Eg: You have credited Rs.10,000 to my account in the morning and I have transferred the currency of same value. Then, in the afternoon again you credited Rs.10,000 to my account for currency, which I cannot transfer to your account on the same day. Instead, I can transfer other than Rs. 10,000 which is 9,999 which is also possible.

How long this membership is valid?

Nice question, this membership is valid for life time. 


How to do the payment to get currency loaded to our account or registered mobile number?

Please call me on +919886747007 or email me to NOURGENT@YAHOO.COM for my bank account details. Once the bank details are with you, you can send me the money at any time and update me the payment details to fill the currency to your account in a minute or two.

I have Bank accounts with AXIS BANK, SYNDICATE BANK, STATE BANK OF INDIA and ICICI accounts.

Whom to contact if I have any queries about Recharges?

You can contact me on +91 988 674 7007 between 9AM to 9PM from Monday to Saturday to serve you better.

Is there any format to follow while recharging Mobile easy/Top-up or DTH recharge/Activation?

Please download the below copy of yours and follow the "Recharge Format". The format given in the attachment is for mobile however use customer ID in place of mobile number to recharge DTH connections. 

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