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Count "Mondays" Between Two Dates

Formulas, How-to's

Hi there,

In this post, we will discuss about "How to find the number of specific days between two given dates?". Specific days is nothing but weekdays. 

Eg: Howmany Sundays are there between two given dates? If you have a solution, stop reading this post and update your answers in the below given comments section.

If you have less time to explore here you go for a quick solution.


A great cartoon face is really exists..!


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Show Invisible Cell Content ( its Advantages)

Excel Tips

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In this post, we will discuss about how to make the cell content invisible from other users. The cell content is visible only through the formula bar when the user activate the cell. There are three alternatives to find them.


Once the invisible cell is located, change the font to dark colours so that the cell content will be visible.

Hide cell content using excel logics



This is one of the poor advice, however, we can also hide the cell content by hiding the respective cell column or cell row.

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Converting Time Zones using Excel (Quick tip)

Formulas, How-to's

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How are you doing today? Hope you are doing awesome.

In this post, we will discuss about converting one time zone to another by using simple logic in excel. If you already have an idea on how to achieve this results, please pause reading next phrase and update your idea with us using below comments section. Rest all can continue with me.


Before get into the post, as mentioned here, I will demonstrate for one time zone and rest of them you can try at your work place, because same logics will be followed for the rest. I hope you will have a question now, How many TimeZones we Have? . This is your homework. &#59;)

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Office 2016 Doesn't have PowerPivot (by default)

Excel 2016, powerpivot

Hi there,

For new bees who purchased Office 2016 might have been in a dilemmo, Who Moved My (PowerPivot) Cheese. There are few versions which offers powerpivot as a default with Excel 2016. Those are as follows:

  1. Office 365 Pro Plus
  2. Office 365 E3
  3. Office 365 E4

The Office versions doesnot include powerpivot are listed here:

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Import / Export Quick Access Toolbar


Hi there,


In this post, we will discuss on how to import/export Quick Access Toolbar. I mean, we can use the same favorites that we kept in QAT in one system (might be personal system) and on the other system (Office system as well). Howto?


How to Import/Export Favorited features in Quick Access Toolbar

We all know Quick Access Toolbar will help us to quickly identify the most used features once we add it to QAT. If we are using different systems like office / personal it is difficult to manage them once we are used to follow one method.

To avoid such instances, we can download and move the customized QAT to any other system using below route.



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