Hide Cell Content using CTRL + 1 (quick tip)

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say formatting?

Beautification right? But did you know format command can be used for several other applications?

There are some unique applications of each command in excel. 

We all know how to hide a cell content using conventional methods like-

1. Applying white font colour 

2. Hiding a row or column by right clicking on the header (column or row) and click on Hide/Unhide

If someone changes the font colour then it becomes visible! And what if your application requires you to hide just that one cell and not the entire row or column?


Today I will teach you how to hide the content of a cell without others getting to know ( unless he/she is an excel pro). I am going to teach you how to hide a cell content using 'Format Cells'? Yes you heard me right! Hiding a cell content using Format cells!

These two options are well-versed by almost all excel enthusiasts. However, have you tried hiding a cell content using 'Format Cells'?


How to Hide Excel Cell Content from Others using Format Cells?

Here is an opportunity which demonstrate how to hide cell content using 'Format Cells', here we go:

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VLOOKUP for Case-Sensitive Mapping in Excel


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In this post, I will be sharing a giant problem in excel. Even my client is in dilemma how to crack it. After giving him my solution, they were very happy because they are dealing with dollars.

My client has a database where the renewal amounts are placed next to customer ID's. So, our work is to deduct the renewal fee from the customer's account. You, as a reporting analyst will know how crucial this is upto. Finally, my client finished his job in couple of hours which was actually taking more than a week.


The scenario is, the client has a list of customer ID's where they are all case-sensitive. They look like this:


Mapping Table which needs to extract renewal amounts to the first table

Sorry, if this was little messy.

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Pivot Table Width Unchange (pivot tip)

Pivot Tutorial

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How many of you have used Pivot table? If you haven’t, my suggestion is start using! , it is an idea that can change your life :P , that was inspired by the IDEA commercial :p  but I mean it, it is an extremely useful tool if you are working with large amounts of data .


I was already busy with my tutorials and handling many ventures all at once alone (of course I have my wife Sushma’s backing) is making me all the more busy. At the same time, I need to master my skills to share with you. In this process, I just remembered one tip on pivot table.


When we refresh the pivot table, the column widths will get auto adjusted even if we rearrange as per our requirement, right?

so, read this post completely and for sure in your life time you will not get into this trouble again. Can we go ahead?

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Divide and Rule (Mastering Excel Skills)

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Master Your Excel Skills (Basics as well as Advanced Topics)

Today morning I was looking for my new pair of goggles which I wanted to wear on my weekend trip. Even after searching for an hour I wasn’t able to locate it. So I asked my wife where it was.

She said, “It is in the second room, 1 st wardrobe, 3rd drawer ,to the right side”


You won’t believe it , it was right there!

This is another reason why women can be compared to Google :P (The first reason you all know, in case you don’t , just leave me a comment, I will tell you J)

It was like performing Google search and the first link giving me the right result! Specifics are exciting right? That is just what I have for you!

To make you easy, to master your excel skills, I have come up with a brilliant idea called "Divide and Rule" policy.

As the name indicates I have divided the topics as per specific needs, to help you rule over them, one step at a time.  

Paying a huge amount for tutorials might be difficult for a few of them, so keeping them in mind I have provided an opportunity to purchase the topics as per the specific need.


Here we go:

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Avoid Formula Rebuilding (small tip)

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I have something for the formula enthusiasts today!


While working on formulae, sometimes we would want to pause the formula and recheck the cell addresses we have mentioned in the formula or the data we have selected or the syntax in general just to ensure we input the right things.


Check the illustration below to get a better picture: 

importance of apostrophe in formula

In this scenario, we mostly press ESC button to check back our doubts and come back to re-write our formula from scratch. This is a tedious and time consuming process. 

Why reinvent the wheel? Excel is not like our strict Math teacher in school :p It does give us so many flexible options, if only we explore them! 


So, to avoid such instances we can always pause the formula where ever we want and just apply ' (apostraphe) before = (is equal to) symbol.

Below picture shows what I mean here.

importance of apostrophe in formula

This will make sure your formula will pause where ever you stopped and can be resumed after removing the ' (apostrophe).

Note: We can use any special characters (except  = (is equal to) or + (plus) or - (minus)) or alphabets or numbers in place of apostrophe (') to pause the formula.


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Difference Between FORECAST & TREND





Group SUM of them

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Hi there,


This post is a consolidation of SUM of the posts that I have wrote earlier. The reason for why I am grouping them is to let you know how many ways the simple SUM function can be used in our day to day reporting.

Let me proceed to first example:

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