Difference Between - "Forecast" & "Trend"

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What is your word on this topic?

Do you know the difference between Forecast & Trend functions? Please share your ideas in the below comments section. 

Let me explain the general meaning first:

Forecast: It is something which assumes for future. The expectations of future numbers in terms of company's growth can be called as Forecast.


Trend: It is something which represents for current day. Say the trend of the youth in today's generation is carrying Android Mobiles.


Similarly, in terms of Excel understanding: 

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DIMPLE on My Chart


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Do you like dimple?

Of-course, I like dimple on heroine's cheek.


Do You?


Of-course, you are. I know you like on heroine's cheek but I am asking in excel chart. :)


Fine, I will explain the problem and the solution about dimple chart using 4 pics. These four pics will conclude the post of today. 

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VLOOKUP 2nd Version (Advanced)

Formulas, Tables, Arrays

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As promissed, VLOOKUP 2nd version (advanced features) is out. 

Download working file here, VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP.xlsx

Alternative Link to the video VLOOKUP 2nd Version


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Are you new to Excel? Do you want to Master Excel Functions, VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP?

Here is an opportunity. I have made this video to one of our viewer who wants to learn these functions from basics.

However, I am sharing to all of you if at all you are looking for the same. So, here you go:

You can also watch this video here VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Basics

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Custom Markers in Charts

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Have you ever used custom excel markers? If you haven’t, I am certain that, after reading this post you are going to use them the next time you create a chart with markers..!

As they say , “A picture is worth a thousand words! “, by telling your story with the help of pictures , in a jiffy you could grab the attention of your audience , who weren’t expecting anything more than a boring, pale markers!

If you are already customizing, please do teach us how you customize excel markers in the below comments section. Once you are done posting your comment, Follow this post and see How I did?

Let me take the old example itself, I have a list of courses where I trained through offline and online. And, I want to see them in a marker chart where excel icons should display below the numbers. So, here is the raw data

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Usage of Double Minus ( - - ) in Formulas

Formulas, Arrays

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In this post, you will be learning why and when to use double minus -- in the formulas. Firstly, have you ever seen double minus symbol in formulas? If yes, have you ever thought why to use such minus symbols. If you know, please skip this post for now, and post your experience in the blow comments section. If you are new to it, then Here we go:



Double minus ( -- ) will be used when the formula is delivering logical values rather than the numerical values. 


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