Box & Whisker Plot Chart (How To:)


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In this post, we will look into a very challenging and interesting chart. The chart name is Box and Whisker Plot Chart. This chart will give the better understanding of the data in terms of visual presentation. Here I have a sales data for last 2 years and I want to showcase the maximum, minimum, average sales between two years.

Before I showcase the raw data, the required work around with raw data are: 

1. Find Min, Max, Median, Quartile1 and Quartile2 values. (using functions)

2. Find the values for Height of the Box and (using formulas)

3. Find the values for Whiskers (using calculations)

Now, the data looks like this.

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10 + Highlights of Excel 2016

Excel 2016

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Microsoft Excel 2016 is going to launch officialy in the coming (fourth) quarter or so. However, the pre-release is doing hul-chal in the market. I am quite exited and awaiting to buy the new release as we have seen in "First Look of Excel 2016" and also "Formulas Additions/Removals from Excel 2016" in the same go, we have also looked into "New Charts added to Excel 2016".

Now, its turn to see few more Highlights of Excel 2016. Some of them might have covered in First Look of Excel 2016 video however, I am putting across here for your reference.

Highlights of Excel 2016:

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Brief History on Excel Template (about)


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In this post, we will brief about Excel Template. This is a model that serves as the basis for something else. In a long run these templates will save lot of time and effort of the reporting analyst. Do you know that there are so many templates available as an in-built. If not, click on FILE --> NEW

Now, you will not ask anyone - 

Where do we get templates in Excel?



As mentioned above, default templates are available FILE --> NEW. Here you can explore almost 25 templates and more when you use search option, type the required keywords to norrow the search.

Few of the default templates includes:

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Hierarchy of Operators in Formulas


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In this post, you will know about the importance or hierarchy of operators used in the excel formulas. Here you go:


Symbol  Operator Precedence
^ Exponential 1
* Multiplication  2
/ Division 2
+ Addition 3
- Subtraction 3
& Concatenation 4
= Equal to 5
> Greater Than 5
< Less Than 5


Note: In some cases, if the parentheses is or are missed to update in the formula, by hitting enter, the parentheses will automatically adds and it might be correct or incorrect. Mostly the parentheses by default can go incorrectly. So, please be careful.

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Awesome Charts for Sale!!!


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In this post, you will find an affiliate link for most awesome charts available in Excel 2013 and Excel 2016. We will see some of the awesome inbuilt charts available. These charts presents awesomeness to the data in terms of visualization. The awesomeness charts that are shown here are as follows.


Few Awesome Charts:

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Undo or Redo Series of Actions (excel tip)

Excel Tips

Hi there,

In this post, we will learn "How to UNDO or REDO series of actions in Excel?"

We all know how to undo, right?

We use CTRL + Z (keyboard shortcut), similarly, we can use CTRL + Y (keyboard shortcut) to redo the activity in Excel.

This is one way of doing for single instance. But, for multiple instances is a new concept for most of us, right?


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