Convert Number to Date Format

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Here, I am going to tell you a simple trick but highly used by our reporting folks. Especially, while extracting dates using VLOOKUP function there are many dates which formats as general rather date. It is very difficult to change the values to dates manually while large amount of data.

Convert Number to Date Format; Not this dates dude!


To avoid such instances, here is a trick which can be done before brushing your teeth. :)

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120 + Excel websites on net

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Many viewers are tired browsing through the net to find the Best Online Excel Websites who give Excel Trainings, Excel Tutorials, Free Videos, Excel shortcuts, Excel tips and so on right?

120+ Excel Websites on the go!


Funny thing here is they are asking with the website owners, who runs tutorials and who shares free stuff and also who gives sample free videos via youtube, to share some websites which provides the free stuff. When we ourself does all these still they want the better one. To be little frugal how can I give other websites yar? But still, to make all of you happy and easy to browse through the links, here are almost 120+ websites who share their knowledge to the world of Excel Lovers.











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Three Simple & Powerful Shortcuts (Windows & Excel)

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Today, I have learnt three beautiful and powerful shortcuts which helps for windows as well as Excel. Here we go:


Strong & Powerful YOU

1. Show Desktop: In Excel 2013, we can open and view multiple workbooks at a time with different screens or multi screens so, it is difficult to see desktop when more worksheets are opened. To avoid this, we can use the shortcut in windows taskbar which is placed completely on the leftside.

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Special Symbols on the Keyboard (helps in Excel)


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This is a special post where you get some names of the special characters or symbols that are placed on the keyboard, LAPTOP or DESKTOP.

Special characters or symbols used on KEYBOARD (LAPTOP or DESKTOP)

Here we go:


~ tilde

!  exclamation mark 

@ 'at' symbol 

# hash 

$ dollar

% per cent 

^ caret 

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Missing Comma in millions place (quick tip)

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I have a small tip for you today. Do you know why comma is missing in millions place for this number 12345,678.90. Yes, even I wasn't know since yesterday.

I Miss Teeth; You Miss Comma


Nothing to worry! here is how we can avoid such dragons in Excel. 

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EXCEL an application of NO USE!!!


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A weekend is arising to all of us right?. Heyyyy Oooooh Ayyyyyyeeeee ....

Ok, now enough

Now, let me ask a Brain Storming Question to all of you.

Excel is no use!

There are many features in Excel which are used on day-to-day reporting. Out of them, let us discuss few here:


First Importance per the viewers are 


1. DATA TABLES & Its Features


and then it proceeds with:

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