SUM values using Check Boxes (check how?)

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One of the Excel Lover tried summing a list using check box. This is something like thinking out of box. Are you eager to know how to do this. Here we go:



Set the raw data to do this. Here, I am using the Vegetables bought from the market today. Here, I have to disclose you how typically our villagers market their products.

In my village we will have market open on Wednesday, which means sellers from different place comes to our village to sell their goods. Goods interms of Vegetables, leafy vegetables, Stationary, Groceries and all kinds of petty shops for that matter. Every one comes to one village, Wednesday is in our village, and sells their goods and go back in the evenings. Next day will be the other village which is closer to our village. This is how the routine work of the sellers in the villages.

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Excel Lovers are Increasing Day-by-Day

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Quite few days, the number of Excel Lovers who wants to learn and make Excel as their passion has increased drastically. I, myself, experienced this by giving training for more number of participants either in classroom trainings or more number of subscribers in online trainings.


Take Right Step to reach SUCCESS (
 This image is taken from

This proves that the starvation of learning Excel is becoming very huge on day to day interms of percentage. So, to make our facilities available for more number of Excel Lovers we are introducing a commercial ad with promo code to avail 50% discount. This promo code is valid till the subscribers who stands with in 2500 members. After reaching this target number of participants we will close it without any notifications. 

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Convert an Excel Chart into a .GIF File

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I had a requirement to create a .GIF file for one of the image while working on the post related to charts. My mind striked to do the same for charts like an image. So here is the idea shared how to convert an Excel chart into a .GIF file.

Convert Excel Chart to .GIF file


First, select the chart, copy the chart and paste it in any of the image saver applications. Here I am using "picpick" which is free and wonderful application. Once the chart is placed, save as the .gif file. 

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How to Apply Uniform Size to Multiple Charts?

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Heyyy!!! weekend is finally here. Hope most of them are going for one day trips, right? A worse incidence happened in Andhra Pradesh, India in recent days. Almost 27 college students drowned in Himachal Pradesh due to opening of WATER DAM gates with out following any guidelines.

I think most of you all know this sad incidence, right?. All tourist lovers (Myself as well) on this behalf, I would like to say is be aware when you are entering into water. Even if we come across such situations please be dare enough not to scare in the water because water will not make you drown initially however because of our fear we will not concentrate what is going to be happen and we will drown.

Why I am saying this because I have trained swimming to few of them in my village. That's the reason why I am motivating you not to get fear when entering into water. Especially flowing water. Like swimming pools or we villagers trained in wells and training in wells motivate them not to fear in the water, rather just try not to move atleast so that some one will push you to the safe place.

Any how, sorry to those young students, let us move on to the topic now.




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Do you know we have a formula in Excel by name FORECAST. If you are not aware or not used yet, no problem! that is why this space is obtained for. 

Learn how to FORECAST using Excel?




How to use Forecast Formula?

This formula is basically used when a company requires to forecast their business for coming year or for future years from now. It is also called as prediction of company's growth or company's KAZANAAA...(wealth).



FORECAST(x,known y's, known x's)

in other words

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What is a Dashboard?

Learn Dashboarding

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Dashboard, this is a very common name in reporting field. However very few of them know exactly What is a Dashboard!. After this post, hope every one can proudly answers to this question in the working environment. This question is very common even if you apply for PMO (Project Management Office), Sr. MIS (Management Information System), Business Analyst roles.

Now by the end of this post, it will become a common word to each and every one who reads this post. Ok, now we will move on to the topic.


What is a Dashboard?


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