How to create a customized TAB in Excel 2010.

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List the Excel TABS

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say TAB? Of course your fancy tablet right? Gone are the days when apple and blackberry used to be fruits and tablet used to be just a pill :p

I am speaking of neither the tab nor the pill, I am speaking about Excel TAB.

We have a term TAB even in Excel.

TABs are available in all versions of Excel starting from 1988, first release of Excel. However, I have started using Excel from 1993 version. Some of them who are not familiar with this word might have these questions running in their minds.

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What is the difference between a Function & a Formula?


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I have an interesting topic for you today.

Is there a formula, which I can use to avoid attending family functions on weekends?

Ha-ha ..

No, that is not the topic :D (How I wish such a formula was there :)) .

Anyway the topic here is Function vs Formula or vice versa. Most of us think Functions and Formulas are one and the same but actually there is a huge difference between a function and a formula. Some of us who have attended interviews would have definitely faced this question.  

Interviewers usually confuse the interview candidates asking :

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Heyyy..! Today is Saturdayyyy (screaming). Most of them who go to office will definitely say this. One who has 5 days a week and sorry for 6 days a week. You can say this tomorrow. :) Anyhow usually on weekends colleagues, friends, neighbor's usually plan for outing to relax from all the tensions had for past 5 or 6 days. Some have planned for weekend trips and some planned for a movie, parties, meeting friends, playing gully cricket and many. Just Chill-Out but I have to sit with my blog to write posts on Excel. ;)

My day went like this. I got up from my bed early in the morning @ 9:45 AM IST :) and started reading newspaper ("Eenadu" - Telugu reasonal newspaper). @10:45 I am done with newspaper and moved on to complete morning activities (Sorry can't disclose all) and then early breakfast @ 11:15 AM IST which is as usual on weekends and bla bla bla bla blaaaa...

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Differentiate the Usage of Excel by Age groups




I was thinking quite some time on my first post. I am completely in predicament.

As usual, to any one, there were many questions running in the mind before publishing first post,

This is my first post.

The post should look like a good entry/introduction to my blog.

The post should atleast stand to my best.

This should atleast grasp few reader's attention and so on...

Finally, (after 4 - 5 hours) here we go: 

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About Abhilash "exceltoxl" VK

Welcome, About


Is all about a website.

Is all about a blog.

Is all about a forum, what not

'exceltoxl' is an open source to learn, share and experience the new techniques on Excel.


This is a great opportunity for me to say "Hello!" and share/launch my blog This blog is all about the posts on Microsoft Excel. 


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Welcome to 'excel-to-xl'


Hi there,


Welcome to the world of Excel. Myself Abhilash I have created this website/blog to share Excel knowledge. My aim is to create passion in you on Excel. You might have to doubt on how you create passion? Yes, it is very simple. To create passion, I will follow some new techniques like

  • Explaining topics by pictorial representation
  • Interactive images
  • Writing some general topics and then slowly diverting to the subject
  • Providing easy to access subject links
  • Creating interest to start reading the posts using attractive pics 

These are some of them. Mainly, apart from all the above in short I would say 

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