Extract Hyperlinks In Excel (a quick tip)


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In this post, I will explain how to extract hyperlinks from Excel. 



Edit Hyperlink option when you right click on the Hyperlinked word/sentence


We can extract hyperlinks by right clicking on the word/sentence which contains link and choose "edit hyperlink" and then copy the link in the "address" place as shown in the pic below.

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Additions/Removals of Functions in Excel 2016

Formulas, Excel 2016

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I just gone through the FORMULAS ribbon in Excel 2016 and found few additions and removals. The strange thing is one entire group of functions are missing. 



  • FORECAST.ETS : This function returns a forecasted value for a specific future target date using exponential smoothing method.
  • FORECAST.ETS.CONFINT : This function will return a confidence interval for the forecast value at the specified target date.
  • FORECAST.ETS.SEASONALITY : This function returns the length of the repetitive pattern, Microsoft Excel detects for the specified time series.
  • FORECAST.ETS.STAT : This function returns the requested statistic for the forecast.
  • FORECAST.LINEAR : This function calculates, or predicts, a future value along a linear trend by using existing values.


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Leakage is Everywhere

Excel 2016

Hi there,


I have heard leakage in pipelines which supply water, gas or oil. 

I have seen leakage in filmy songs or scenes.

I have seen leakage in exam papers.

But, this is a new leakage which I saw for the first time and felt amazed because the information leaked is exactly what is available in original release.


Yes, I am speaking about Office 2016... For more International Business Times and also in Neowin.


Do you have anything to say on this. Please pass your messages/reviews on this post, using below comments section.

That's it from my end and see you soon.





First Look of Excel 2016 (Video Preview)

Excel 2016

Hi there,

I have just installed Office 2016 from Microsoft website and checked first look of Excel 2016. Honestly, the first look of Excel is amazing and mind blowing. I liked it very much. I am sharing my excitement when I open Excel for the first time. And, I feel you will also get excited.


First Look of Excel 2016 (www.exceltoxl.com

Before you run the video, here are the glimpse of the Excel 2016.


Few of them are:
1. We can search our favourite features in Excel 2016
2. We can send smilies/Frowns to the Microsoft
3. Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are integrated.
4. Images and Videos can be uploaded to Excel using Flickr and Youtube.
5. Power Pivot, Power Query, Power Map and Power View are integrated in Excel 2016.
6. Pivot Table Options can be enabled/disabled through Excel Options.
and so on...



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Office 2016 is Out for Public Preview

Excel 2016

Hi there,


Hurray! Office 2016 Public Preview is released!!!

Office 2016 is out for Public Preview


I know, there are many users like me are awaiting for Office 2016 first look, right? Yes, I have seen preview videos from Microsoft Team However, today, it is in my hands to do trial and error. I am so excited to see what is there in Excel 2016. So, let me end this post by sharing few links on how to get Office 2016 for your desktop or laptop and I will join you with the latest updates soon.

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First Indian Excel MVP (Interview)

celebrity, interview

Hi Viewers,


As promised in the previous post, here is the interview video chat between myself and the First Indian Excel MVP, Mr. Ashish Mathur. This is the first Celebrity Interview posting here in our blog.

In this whole video, you can see my excitement while speaking, honestly, I am unable to put him a proper sentences in the interview (still he managed to answer all the questions from his kind heart) because this is my first interview presentation and that to such a great personality in the Excel Industry. I hope you understand and bear with me. You will definitely have enough valuable information from both of us.

Before you go with the video, let me share the glimpse of the video.



  • First and Foremost, He is the First Indian Excel MVP
  • He is very passionate on Excel
  • He quit his company in the year 2008 and started his own venture.
  • His target clients are the one who comes with Excel Challenges. He loves to clarify them.
  • He owns a blog by name www.ashishmathur.com
  • He is very down to earth and he wish to call the people who are in the same field (like he did it with me)
  • He is more passionate to spread the knowledge on Power Pivot, Power View, Power Query and Power Map.
  • He wants to extend the Power of Excel to as many clients as he can.
  • Last but not the least, He continued his MVP journey since April, 2003 (hope for ever)

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