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Hi there,


This is a great and an awesome moment to announce, we are entering into 3rd successful year in sharing our excel tips, videos, tutorials, resolving forum questions and in social media groups. Thank you everyone who supported us and who made us to stretch our journey further. We were very eager and excited to reach Mar 2nd, 2015 for quite some time (since 25 days) now. Finally, we are here in the celebration.





On this auspicious day, I would like to start this post with 2 greatest achievements I made in these two years of Excel Journey. Of-course there are many but I will top these.

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Hi there,


Thank you all for enrolling to "FREE EXCEL TRAINING". The response from the bangaloreans are awesome. If you haven't yet, there is one more day to go, ENROLL HERE,. One who have enrolled to free excel live training step in with me.


I am sure every one knows LALBAGH in Bangalore, Right?. I will be there in the LalBagh from 7AM to 8:30AM on Saturday and Sunday from 16th May, 2015. Everyone who has enrolled to the training, please join me there. We will have lots of fun in mastering Excel skills.


Makesure your presence without fail. You might have a question about my timings, Right?

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Documentation for Excel Functions (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013)

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Hi there,


In my previous post, List of Excel Functions, I have listed all Excel Functions irrespective of versions (since 2013). But, I haven't provided description to all of the functions because there are almost 461 Excel Functions available. It is time consuming. So, I just found the descriptions in the microsoft website so thought it will be very useful for you (like me).


Before giving you the link, here are the number of functions available in each branch.

No of Functions Belongs to 
38 Compatible Functions
07 Cube Functions
12 Database Functions
24 Data and Time Functions
54 Engineering Functions
55 Financial Functions
20 Information Functions
09 Logical Functions
19 Lookup & Reference Functions
79 Math & Trigonometry Functions
104 Statistical Functions
37 Text Functions
03 Web Functions













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Hi there,


I am working on one of the report to my client and there is a scenario where I need to select particular word (which is placed in as column header) because I have to insert a column before that word. You got me right?


Here is an example:

I have divided into two parts because of the visibility issue. However, In this case GoTo Special window is the best choice we have. This window will help to select_all formula cells, formated cells, blanks and so on., 
But we are lack of CUSTOM selection option in this window. Below is the pic if at all Microsoft is going to incorporate. (One More Request is Here)

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Hi there,



LOGNORMDIST is basically a function which returns the cumulative lognormal distribution of x, where ln(x) is normally distributed with mean and standard_dev.


This function is available in compatibility functions in Excel 2010 version. There is an improved and most accurate function which can be achieved through (2010 and above) LOGNORM.DIST.

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Insert Rows in Pivot Table

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Hi there,


In this post, we will see how to insert rows between each line in pivot table. Actually, when you try to insert or delete any of the pivot row/column it throws an error which is more than a NH7 highway. &#59;)


This is a trick which helps to insert one row for each line item in the pivot table. Here we go:

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