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FTEST is basically a function which returns the F-Test results, which means there is an array1 and array2 variances that has not much significant differences.


Eg: This function actually finds the difference between the diversity of two events on the same report. Say we have Government Schools and Private Schools which actually provides test scores and, to find whether these schools have different levels of test score diversity.


This function is available in compatibility functions in Excel 2010 version. There is an improved and most accurate function which can be achieved through (2010 and above) F.TEST.

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Shortcut Keys Used in PowerPivot

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This article will help you to find the shortcuts used in PowerPivot. But, the tragedy is there is no shortcut to open PowerPivot as of now. (if there is any, please teach me using below comments.) Now, lets go ahead with the shortcuts.


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Difference Between Excel and PowerPivot?

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In this post, we will know few differences between Excel and PowerPivot. Before we go: Have you enrolled to FREE EXCEL TRAINING here. If not, please do enroll at the earliest.

No Rules.

No Conditions.

No Charges.


Now, we will proceed with the topic.

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Report Distracting Ads (Links)

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I have received few notifications since three days that there are few ads which are not suitable to see/watch in the office hours. I have blocked few of them however please share those links or the names of the ads which are distracting while reading any of the posts in our blog here.


Thank you for all those who have notified me to block the ads from "exceltoxl". Ads are just a part of my earnings (which is of 1%) and if any of those are found nudity, sex related, gambling, chatting, single,  or similar to any of these are blocked however it depends on the website names and particular links which needs to be blocked, if at all still appearing.


Let me know by e-mailing me on nourgent@yahoo.com



FREE EXCEL TRAINING (Enroll Before 2nd May)

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How are you doing? Hope you are doing great.



I have been in this Excel Industry since 8 years now. And, I have trained almost 900+ students since 6 years including off-line and on-line training programs. I still feel there is something that I am missing out even being in the field (Excel) which I like most.


There are many Excel users, who always have a better opportunity from their current levels but not able to taste the success due to lack of subject knowledge or due to lack of financial support or at the worst case due to lack of in-efficient trainer choice.

For those who have passion to learn (with out paying a single ruppee) and located in Bangalore - INDIA have a good news here.


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Introduction to PowerPivot

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Today, we will discuss about PowerPivot add-in in Excel 2010 and above versions. Firstly, let's see where is this powerpivot? 


By default PowerPivot is enabled in Excel. To enable powerpivot, needs to go to Office Ribbon -->Excel Options -->Add-ins -->Under "Manage"-->Select "COM Add-ins" -->Click on Go

 Introduction to PowerPivot

Here is where you get PowerPivot add-in for Microsoft Excel (just check mark it) and click ok.


Now, you will find it next to DEVELOPER tab (if at all it is enabled).

If you still don't find "PowerPivot" here, then you might have not installed this add-in. Please check this link to install PowerPivot Add-in to your excel.

Please make sure before you download this add-in, you need to know your system configuration. You have this information in the link itself. Follow the link to get complete details on Installing PowerPivot without errors.

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