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50 time saving tips for small business

03/27/15 | by exceltoxl [mail] | Categories: Business

Hi there,

1. Set Goals - Every Morning write a to-do list of the things you want to accomplish

2. Create a Plan

3. Prioritize By Importance

4. Prioritize By Urgency

5. Break Down Large Tasks

6. Be Realistic - Know Your Limitations and Your Abilities

7. Track Your Time - Find out where you spend more wastage of time

8. Set Deadlines - Talk to others so that they will help hold you accountable

9. Keep One Eye on the Clock 


10. Set Reminders - If you have deadlines or meetings coming up, set a reminder on your phone that will go off shortly before

11. Schedule Breaks - Every one needs to take breaks through out day, so needs to plan the tasks based on them.

12. Schedule Time for Email and Social Media - This is the major place where we waste time so plan accordingly.

13. Use a Central Social Media Management System - like hootsuite

14. Avoid Distractions - Apart from Social media and email, turn off tv if working at home or Use different routes for not wasting your time with chatty co-workers

15. Stick to One Task at a Time - Multi tasking can sound like a time saver, but it isn't.

16. Batch Tasks - Do Similar tasks consecutively, back-to-back, like phone calls to friends or resting with the family etc.,

17. Incentivize tasks - Give yourself an incentive if you finish the task before the desired time. Incentive interms of Breaks

18. Focus on Results - Should have an idea why you are doing each task on your list - How impact the work involves

19. Don't Stress Over Unimportant Details - If there is no impact or not a big impact, don't get stress. Perfectionism can be a big time waster

20. Create Good Habits - Sorting files regularly, Responding to Emails in a timely manner, accomplishing any asigned tasks

21. Eliminate the Non-Essential - Remove items that no longer serve a purpose to your mission

22. Use Email Filters and Archives - Use them wisely to save lot's of time

23. Limit Meetings - Meetings can be essential, but they can also turn into time wasters if they go too long or too frequently. Accept and Schedule Only Important Meetings

24. Hire a Virtual Assistant - They can help you with mundane daily tasks like email, book keeping, scheduling and research.

25. Utilize a Project Management Platform - Services like Basecamp offer your team a way to communicate in groups, set deadlines and share and edit files without having to keep uo with email threads

26. Keep Projects in One Place - For both completed projects and those still in progress

27. Avoid Rush Hour - If you commute or have to travel, avoid rush hour for saving some time.

28. Have Virtual Meetings

29. Automate Payroll

30. Take Notes - Alltime keep a notebook to note down ideas or use an app Evernote to store ideas, images and more

31. Take Advantages of Technology - Time saving and Organizational apps and services available such as dropbox to shore photos, docs and videos.

32. Don't Get Carried Away - Attempting to master and utilize too many productivity aplications and services at once can be a time waster.

33. Delegate - Ask your team to take on tasks that you don't have time for or those with which you know they'd do a good job

34. Invest in Accounting Software - Keeping endless spreadsheets can lead to messy and waste of time. So, keep your accounts organized in one place

35. Keep an Organized Workspace - Don't spend hours rifling through your desk looking for a particular document when you could just implement a filing system and find it in seconds

36. Back Up Your Files - Backup either by hard drive or online backup - Carbonite or Mozy for online Backup purpose.

37. Keep Templates for Commonly-Used Forms - Don't Spend time writing the same paragraphs over and over.

38. Utilize Shortcuts - Use Keyboard and Browser Shortcuts and Keep all your commonly used programs in an easily accessible location on your desktop

39. Automate Expenses - Make use of automatic bill pay services whenever possible to avoid late payments and time spent actually paying bills

40. Use a Cloud-Based Calender - Calender apps can keep you updated on important meetings and deadlines and don't take long to update.

41. Have a collaboration System - A plat form like BaseCamp or Google Docs or stick to more traditional methods to not to get confused and unorganized by the team.

42. Say "No" - Don't take on tasks just because someone asks you to do.

43. Make the Most of Down Time - Time spent in waiting rooms, on the subway or even on long elevator rides could be used to update your calender, write notes or accomplish other simple tasks

44. Clean Up Old Files - Ridding your computer of old files cannot only keep you from having to wade through them while looking for more relevant files.

45. Use Mobile Apps - There are mobile productivity apps, mobile calender apps, etc.,

46. Know your Habits - If you're an early bird, get your most important tasks out of the way early. If you're a night owl, don't force yourself to turn in big projects in the morning. Play to your strengths.

47. Shorten your workday - Cutting time off your workday will force you to accomplish more within the time allotted.

48. Leave Room for the Unexpected - Things you didn't plan for will come up throught out the day. Take this into account when making your to-do list

49. Have Quiet Hours - If you work in a office, put a do not disturb sign on your door while you are working on an important task. If you work from home, silence your mobile. If distractions come up, you can lose your concentration and end up spending way more time than necessary.

50. Don't Over-Schedule 

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