Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, You Don't Deserve Andhra Pradesh

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Hello people!

It took me quite a bit of research to get my facts right for this. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the issue, I didn’t want to go behind bars – haha. Well, so before I start off with anything, to those of you who are finding this Greek and Latin, here are a few things you need to know –

# ANDHRA PRADESH is India’s eighth largest state, on the country’s southeastern coast. (This was where MOM was launched. – rings a bell now?)

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A Beautiful Video by Govt of Andhra Pradesh explaining the opportunities and vision for the new state.  The video will be part of the presentation to the Singapore govt and the Industrialists during the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s visit to Singapore.
Singapore is a partner of Andhra Pradesh state in technology and infrastructure, the chief minister’s 3 day visit will have meetings to discuss the collaboration and co operation in various fields to develop Andhra Pradesh inline with Singapore.
source: southreport

16 Things You Should Know About Siachen in INDIA

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The most dangerous place in the world is situated in Jammu & Kashmir. The name of the place is Siachen. Indian Soldiers are died more in number due to whether condition. The whether condition some times slips below minus sixty degrees. The fruits like Orange and Apple will become like a cricket ball in no time. The soldiers here play cricket for their entertainment because the game is more popular in our country. Please go through the complete post to get more information about Siachen.

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25 Mind Blowing Facts About Kolkata Even Bengalis Hardly Know

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Whenever we claim of knowing a place perfectly, we basically rejoice in knowing only the locally known facts. None of us actually do a deep research and delve into the not-so-known aspects of the place.

Well, let’s do that now, and what’s a better place than Kolkata to start with: the perfect amalgam of old world charm and modernity.



Move over Mumbai and Bangaluru; in terms of area covered, Kolkata is the second-largest city in India, after New Delhi.

25 Mind Blowing Facts About Kolkata Even Bengalis Hardly Know


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Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind Hindu Temples

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Please read these scientific reasons behind hindu temples. Really Amazing...! Please do share it on your social networking sites, if you like this post, by clicking on the icons placed around the blog.
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1. Throwing Coins into a River:

The general reasoning given for this act is that it brings Good Luck. However, scientifically speaking, in the ancient times, most of the currency used was made of copper unlike the stainless steel coins of today. Copper is a vital metal very useful to the human body. Throwing coins in the river was one way our fore-fathers ensured we intake sufficient copper as part of the water as rivers were the only source of drinking water. Making it a custom ensured that all of us follow the practice.


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