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Life History of INDEX

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Today, while I was browsing through google to learn new techniques on Excel, I have found a great article on INDEX function. Once you read this complete post, you will definitely say thanks to the writer. Further delaying let me share the words of the writer. Makesure you carry a meal and tea to your desk before you start reading this post, because it is bit lengthy. :)


The Excel INDEX function is the single most important in the roster of Microsoft Excel functions.

Now that might be surprising considering the function's humdrum name, but please pay close attention, because INDEX is one of the magical secrets of how to use Excel! So what's so great about the INDEX function? It's nonvolatile, sprightly, agile, and versatile. Excel INDEX can return one value or an array of values; it can return a reference to one cell or to a range of cells. INDEX works well on either side of the three Reference Operators - the colon, the space, and the comma.

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This is a great opportunity for me to say "Hello!" and share/launch my blog This blog is all about the posts on Microsoft Excel. 


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