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Count "Mondays" Between Two Dates

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Hi there,

In this post, we will discuss about "How to find the number of specific days between two given dates?". Specific days is nothing but weekdays. 

Eg: Howmany Sundays are there between two given dates? If you have a solution, stop reading this post and update your answers in the below given comments section.

If you have less time to explore here you go for a quick solution.


A great cartoon face is really exists..!


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Converting Time Zones using Excel (Quick tip)

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Hello Howdy's


How are you doing today? Hope you are doing awesome.

In this post, we will discuss about converting one time zone to another by using simple logic in excel. If you already have an idea on how to achieve this results, please pause reading next phrase and update your idea with us using below comments section. Rest all can continue with me.


Before get into the post, as mentioned here, I will demonstrate for one time zone and rest of them you can try at your work place, because same logics will be followed for the rest. I hope you will have a question now, How many TimeZones we Have? . This is your homework. &#59;)

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Hierarchy of Operators in Formulas


Hi there,

In this post, you will know about the importance or hierarchy of operators used in the excel formulas. Here you go:


Symbol  Operator Precedence
^ Exponential 1
* Multiplication  2
/ Division 2
+ Addition 3
- Subtraction 3
& Concatenation 4
= Equal to 5
> Greater Than 5
< Less Than 5


Note: In some cases, if the parentheses is or are missed to update in the formula, by hitting enter, the parentheses will automatically adds and it might be correct or incorrect. Mostly the parentheses by default can go incorrectly. So, please be careful.

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Additions/Removals of Functions in Excel 2016

Formulas, Excel 2016

Hi there,


I just gone through the FORMULAS ribbon in Excel 2016 and found few additions and removals. The strange thing is one entire group of functions are missing. 



  • FORECAST.ETS : This function returns a forecasted value for a specific future target date using exponential smoothing method.
  • FORECAST.ETS.CONFINT : This function will return a confidence interval for the forecast value at the specified target date.
  • FORECAST.ETS.SEASONALITY : This function returns the length of the repetitive pattern, Microsoft Excel detects for the specified time series.
  • FORECAST.ETS.STAT : This function returns the requested statistic for the forecast.
  • FORECAST.LINEAR : This function calculates, or predicts, a future value along a linear trend by using existing values.


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Documentation for Excel Functions (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013)

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Hi there,


In my previous post, List of Excel Functions, I have listed all Excel Functions irrespective of versions (since 2013). But, I haven't provided description to all of the functions because there are almost 461 Excel Functions available. It is time consuming. So, I just found the descriptions in the microsoft website so thought it will be very useful for you (like me).


Before giving you the link, here are the number of functions available in each branch.

No of Functions Belongs to 
38 Compatible Functions
07 Cube Functions
12 Database Functions
24 Data and Time Functions
54 Engineering Functions
55 Financial Functions
20 Information Functions
09 Logical Functions
19 Lookup & Reference Functions
79 Math & Trigonometry Functions
104 Statistical Functions
37 Text Functions
03 Web Functions













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