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Be Simple and Be Strong like "IFERROR"

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Remember my last post "Important days to remember for July“? I was saying that "Every day is celebrated for one thing or the other, but the ones which really mean something to us are very less". Like the day you bought your favorite bike, the day you got your first salary, the day you met the love of your life and so on. We all love to treasure the happy moments in life by remembering them again and again . This blog is very close to my heart , and writing the first post on formulae is a big milestone for me. So I thought I will name this day as “FORMULA DAY” ! I hope all the readers will be able to associate with the fond feeling I have for this blog J


Please join your hands with me to celebrate the Formula Day, July 1st 2013. Please post your ideas on how we should celebrate this day J


The first formula I would like to discuss is : IFERROR

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Formula Editing Options


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How many times have you encountered a situation - when you had to edit a formula?

Might seem simple, but these are tasks which we do every day and it can get frustrating even if it takes a second longer to do.

Just imagine if it took you a second lesser, wouldn’t you be happy?

Say on an average you edit 20 formulae in a day, after reading this post you can save 5 seconds each time you edit the formula.

So in a month you will be saving 40 minutes of your precious time! This post is for those perfectionists amongst you, for whom every minute translates to higher productivity! 

So, here we go:

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Crack Formula Errors

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Today we will attempt to learn how to crack formula errors. This is our day-to-day challenge to our trifling pint-sized brains. Everyone who works on formulas will definitely come across formula errors atleast once in an hour, if you are a hard-core formula writer,.  When I was working (still learning) on formulas I used to get hell lot of errors and to debug those will absolutely take not less than minutes. If the formula goes bigger then to find the cause of an error is like having an ice cream on a rainy day. Finally, we will finish our ice cream before debugging a formula :). Here are few choices for you to choose. Please take one at a time :).  This image is originally taken from



I think everyone is done with your ice creams right. Now, we will proceed with the subject :).

Formula Errors:

Formula errors are of 8 types and those are listed as below. 

  1. #NAME?
  2. #N/A
  3. #NUM!
  4. #DIV/0!
  5. #NULL
  6. REF!
  7. ######
  8. VALUE!

F E Reasons are explained here:

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Formulas Cheat Sheet [BUMPER OFFER]

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You have a bumper offer today. Yes BUMPER OFFER! You will get 'Formulas Cheat Sheet'.

The word ‘Cheat’ itself is quite exciting right? :roll: It is the same excitement we experienced as kids when we got the cheat codes of video games! If you got excited it means the child in you is still alive :D

Anyway jokes apart!

Have you tried clicking on the above ? Sorry! that is not the way to unpack the offer. I have actually decided to share this to the active member (registered member) of this blog. So what are you waiting for, if you are an active member then drop me an email ( with subject line FCS_UserName.

Are You A New User?

Yes, if you are a new user then you need to pay $10 (outside INDIA) or Rs.100 (within INDIA) :), Just Kidding...! 

You know what, FCS is absolutely free for all the users of this blog. As a new user to avail this offer just need to follow this:

Method 1:

Step 1: Click on Login placed on the top right corner.

Step 2: Create your user name and password (subscribe).

Step 3: Copy the User Name [Password will remain with you] only.

Step 4: Goto web mail (Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff, etc.,)

Step 5: Create 'New Mail'

Step 6: Send me an email to Don't forget to mention FCS_username in the subject line.

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