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DGET Function



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Do you want to know What DGET will GET you by the end of the post?

It is similar to how accurately you guess what your mom has cooked by the aroma it is emanating! :D You just give an input to this formula and BOOM! You have the result!

Now let us take a look at the definition, DGET function is used to extract single value from a large database. Don’t worry if it sounds too technical, it can be made easy with an example. Say, I have a requirement to find the course fee for one of the training modules that I am offering.

I maintain a database which contains the list of my online training courses, training level and course fees (including before and after tax) for MS Office Products. If the number of courses is limited, we can look at the table and find out the prices. However, If the product list is huge, for instance, the big platforms like COURSERA or UDACITY or UDEMY which gives free and paid courses, it becomes a humongous task to find the fees for new enquiries. And, if they want to use Excel (which is quite affordable) to find the course fees, here is the best practice:


Here is an excerpt of my database:

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Dynamic Use of 3D Formulas

Formulas, 3D-formulas

Hi there,


What is 3D formulas?

Where to use 3D formulas?

When to use 3D formulas?

Can we use 3D dynamically?

These are some of the questions which comes to mind when hearing about "3D formulas" for the first time. 


Let me go step by step to explain them. Download Working File.xlsx

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Sort Data Based On Words (using formulas)


Hi there,


Today, I have learnt how to sort data based on words or letters. Let me brief how to achieve this results.

sort data based on words


I have used an helper column where the formula used is =COUNTIF(B5:$B$12,">="&B5)

This formula will display the position of the word based on first letter. The position of the word should be either greater than or equal to the first letter of the word when compared to other words in the range of words or dept. names.

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sum top two values in a range

Formulas, Arrays

Hi there,


In this post, you can learn how to use sum function for the top two values in a range of cells. Before proceeding to what this post is about, let me show you a video explaining about this post.


Please leave your message in the below comments if you have different method to do this. 

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Hi there,


In addition to the previous post Random Numbers without Duplicates, one of our user asked this question in our forum and also in linkedin. So, thought of sharing this tip as well.

To create a random dates without any duplicates, use the below formula:

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Hi there,


There is a new project which is going to add to my portfolio in few days from now. And, I come across a challenge where I need to create a random numbers wherein there should not be any duplicates. Do you have any idea? Pleaes do post it in the comments. If not, step with me.

First of all, let me reveal the new project which is going to be added in a few days because finally you are the one who loves me a lot by purchasing my products, suggesting good ideas, grooming me with love and affection. Here you go:

I am starting a new website which stands next to these websites.


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