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Shortcut Keys Used in PowerPivot

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This article will help you to find the shortcuts used in PowerPivot. But, the tragedy is there is no shortcut to open PowerPivot as of now. (if there is any, please teach me using below comments.) Now, lets go ahead with the shortcuts.


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Custom Markers in Charts

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Have you ever used custom excel markers? If you haven’t, I am certain that, after reading this post you are going to use them the next time you create a chart with markers..!

As they say , “A picture is worth a thousand words! “, by telling your story with the help of pictures , in a jiffy you could grab the attention of your audience , who weren’t expecting anything more than a boring, pale markers!

If you are already customizing, please do teach us how you customize excel markers in the below comments section. Once you are done posting your comment, Follow this post and see How I did?

Let me take the old example itself, I have a list of courses where I trained through offline and online. And, I want to see them in a marker chart where excel icons should display below the numbers. So, here is the raw data

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Move/Copy/Duplicate A Sheet (3 ways to do)

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Reporting team will have to work on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly reports on day-to-day reporting. This reporting mostly involves in duplicating worksheets except 5% of manual changes.

Let me explain with example: Say, we are working on Attendance report. Each sheet is renamed with Date, starting from 01-01-2015 till 01-31-2015. Here we require 31 sheets to display. The change between one sheet to the another is nothing except renaming the sheet name with different date. 

To do this, we will work on one sheet and then we will copy and insert the sheet next to the existing by renaming the sheet to next date. Similarly we will do it for the rest of the sheets.

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Shortcuts Used in Formulas

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This post will provide you the keyboard shortcuts used while we are working on Formulas in Excel. 


 Keyboard Shortcuts   What it Does? 
F4   Switch between Absolute /Relative References 
F9   Recalculate the work book
CTRL + '   Copy the formula from above cell
SHIFT + F3   Formula Search Option
SHIFT + F9   Calculate active worksheet
CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + F9   Calculates all workbooks after rechecking the dependent formulas
CTRL + A   After opening the sqare brackets use CTRL + A to display its arguments
TAB   when you type a letter, corresponding functions will display, select the appropriate and hit tab to activate that function
)   We can skip the last closed paranthesis because Excel automatically takes it.
= or +   We can start the formula either with the ''is equal to" or "plus" symbols, always.
F5 + ALT + S +F   Use this shortcut to select all the formulas in the worksheet 
CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER   To create an array formula
CTRL + ~   This shortcut shows all the formulas in the worksheet.

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Switch Between the Sheets (keyboard tip)


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All the Excel Lovers will atleast open more than one excel workbook while doing reporting work. Here, we find difficulty in switching the workbooks or worksheets when we have lot more opened, right? So, here is the small tip to switch between the workbooks, ok, before that let me tell you, you will either use mouse to click the sheets from the taskbar (which is in the bottom of the monitor, next to start button) or you will use CTRL + TAB (switching between the workbooks).


There is an another method of doing the same with different keyboard combination is 

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CTRL+ ENTER (to fill the below cells)

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This tip will help you to fill the blank cells while in a filtered mode. I am using this quite some time now. I thought it might help you as well. 

 Master@Home is a program where Master Comes to Your House to Master You On Excel, Awesome Right?

Let me proceed now.

Say, you have to fill the column with Country Name where the other column has state names.

Filtering all Indian states and update the country name as INDIA. You can do this by selecting the blank cells and typing in one cell as INDIA and before clicking on ENTER, hold CTRL button and hit ENTER.

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