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50+ Websites Give Excel Training's (on net)

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In addition to 120 + Excel websites on net, here are the list of Excel Training's provided by the website owners per their convenient methods. Off-line, On-line and Class Room Training's.

Learn Excel using "" 

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The list starts with:











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Test Your Excel Skills (Hurry up)

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How are you doing today? I hope you are doing good. Today let us have an Excel Skill Test for you to test how much you know about our Excel Queen. Not to worry, it is very basic, the answers are revealed.

Considering, this is the first Excel Skill Test presenting here for our blog members. Considering this as a trial version we have 10 very basic questions. Give it a try and find where you stand. You have 10 questions to be answered where in 1 question is about our blog. 

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Interview questions on Excel and MySQL (AKA MySEQUEL)

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This is very common in nature for every individual.




I am speaking about the subject line here.

Every individual who is passionate to work/earn will definitely face interviews in their life. One common point for the employees or non-employees is that few of them will stick to one organization for many years, in parallel most of the employees will quit from the organizations in a short notice. There might be many reasons for who stick to one organization and for who flies to other organizations (like a freelancer). :)

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