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Convert Number to Words (100 = One Hundred Rupees Only) (no VBA)

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In this post, I will be sharing excel howto's.


How to convert Rs.100 = "One Hundred Rupees Only" through Excel Formulas?


This is our challenge for today.

Due to short of time, I am publishing only the formula in two currencies. And, I am leaving you the explanation of the formula. 

You can also download the working file.xls in the bottom of this post.


1. Indian Currency (Rs. = Rupees)

   a. Crores as the base

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Hide Cell Content using CTRL + 1 (quick tip)

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say formatting?

Beautification right? But did you know format command can be used for several other applications?

There are some unique applications of each command in excel. 

We all know how to hide a cell content using conventional methods like-

1. Applying white font colour 

2. Hiding a row or column by right clicking on the header (column or row) and click on Hide/Unhide

If someone changes the font colour then it becomes visible! And what if your application requires you to hide just that one cell and not the entire row or column?


Today I will teach you how to hide the content of a cell without others getting to know ( unless he/she is an excel pro). I am going to teach you how to hide a cell content using 'Format Cells'? Yes you heard me right! Hiding a cell content using Format cells!

These two options are well-versed by almost all excel enthusiasts. However, have you tried hiding a cell content using 'Format Cells'?


How to Hide Excel Cell Content from Others using Format Cells?

Here is an opportunity which demonstrate how to hide cell content using 'Format Cells', here we go:

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Today, I am forced to learn about a new function in excel. Basically, it is not new but very few will know/use this function. The function name is EVALUATE. This is basically a macro function which is available in Excel 4.0 version. You can also see an alternative functions like this in my previous posts, in List FileNames in a Folder and Count Worksheets in a Workbook

EVALUATE function have a flavour of INDEX function. Not exactly but just a flavour. This function works in macro enabled workbooks only. Let's see why we use and how to utilize this function on our requirements on day-to-day excel works.



Sometimes, when we write a formula and to display it to the audience to know which formula we have used we will add ' (single apostrophe) in the start of the formula. So that it will not show the results but display the complete formula. Say, we have few calculations mentioned in a cell without giving = (is equal to) symbol, like 

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Keep Me Separate - Excel Trick

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I am familiar to these words in my schooling. I have studied in co-education school where boys and girls sit together to attend the classes. Boys sit right side of the room and Girls sit left side of the room. (same procedure applies for Bride and BrideGroom). :)


This post is an extension to our last post, Extract Names from Email Address

I have a scenario in the Excel which resembles like this and is quite easy if you know the trick to separate them but it kills your valuable time if you are unknown how to do this. The scenario is something like this.

Say, we have numbers and words together in a cell and need to separate them into different columns. The data is something like this.

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CTRL+ ENTER (to fill the below cells)

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This tip will help you to fill the blank cells while in a filtered mode. I am using this quite some time now. I thought it might help you as well. 

 Master@Home is a program where Master Comes to Your House to Master You On Excel, Awesome Right?

Let me proceed now.

Say, you have to fill the column with Country Name where the other column has state names.

Filtering all Indian states and update the country name as INDIA. You can do this by selecting the blank cells and typing in one cell as INDIA and before clicking on ENTER, hold CTRL button and hit ENTER.

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Collect Time in Hourly Buckets

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Have you ever come across how to group the time in terms of hourly basis? You understood?, Say, if you are working for an application support and few of the issues are escalated by your clients due to employee delay. To find the number of escallations raised, in total 10, in hourly basis which falls between first 0-2 hours, 2-4 hours, 4-8 hours, 8-24 hours or >24 hours. Here is a challenge we need to crack as a Reporting Analysts.


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To fill the number of escallations in these buckets is a very easy task once you complete this post. If you feel can achieve this, then don't wait, REGISTER and post your comment using below comment section. Registration is absolutely free for commenters. If you are not aware don't worry, just follow me till the end of the post.

Firstly, convert the time into hourly basis use this formula 

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