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How to Embed Youtube Videos in Excel? ;)

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Hi there,


Is this possible?


we can upload images to excel but embeding youtube videos!

How to Embed Youtube Videos in Excel? Here you go:


Yes, you can embed videos. These will gain extra attention when you share your excel work to your boss or to your clients. Isn't it.


More Controls icon in Insert Group are placed here

You are 4 steps away to explore this tip. So, here you go:

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Excel Songs on Youtube

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Hi there,

I was browsing through the youtube channel to learn new excel findings. But, I came across few songs composed on excel, how crazy people are,. ) :  I actually found 4 videos on Excel. However, Mr.Excel has already listed Top 10 Excel Songs in his website. It was amazed me seeing a very good collection. I am very excited to share those creativities with you as well. 


Excel Songs Composed by Excel Lovers !!!

Hoping you also like the way I did, here you go:

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6 Mind Blowing Games in Excel

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Hi there,


Many of us know Excel is just an application to use for calculating, analysing, manipulating, presenting and backing up data. But you know, we can also use Excel for entertainment. Yes, Entertainment!


Here are the six mind blowing games which are created in Excel by six great Excel Lovers.

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Meet Our Excel MVP's (110)


Hi there,


Every Excel Enthusiast dreams.

Every Excel Geek Works.

Every Excel user Learns.


list of mvp's in excel

I am speaking about EXCEL MVP's. MVP is defined as "Most Valuable Professional". This is an award given to all the excel users who contribute their knowledge to the world of people. This award is not only for Excel but for all the products of Microsoft.


This is a prestigious award which is valid for 1 long year where the awardee can display the logo of MVP on their community or blog or website. Every enthusiast will have a dream to achieve this level, which is the highest level any one can reach. 


There are 127 Excel MVP's in this world for the year 2014-2015. However, you have an opportunity to meet or to speak or to talk about with 110 Excel MVP's in this blog.


After choosing Excel as my profession, I just thought where will I land after few years from now. And, that is where I got to know about MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award. This is even my big dream like you all have. I am still working towards to achieve my goal however, there are already 127 Excel MVP's who has achieved their goal and still looking forward to help many others like you and me in sharing their knowledge to the world of Excel.

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Mr.Obama in India Today

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Hi there,


Mr. President, The United States of America is invited as a cheif guest for Indian Republic Day. He accepted our invitation overcoming all his busy schedules and he is here today.


Some of his glitters in India are here:

1. Welcome to Mr. & Mrs. President

Welcome INDIA!

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Microsoft Office Is Now Free on iOS and Android Mobile Devices


Hi there,

Microsoft Office is now free for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Office is Now Free on IOS and Android too

Office is a huge part of Microsoft's consumer and enterprise businesses, so the move is surprising. But Microsoft clearly wants to keep customers devoted to Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. "We’re continuing to help people use Office everywhere so they can do more and achieve more," Microsoft wrote in a blog post Thursday.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has pushed hard to make the company mobile-friendly, which is a departure from his predecessor Steve Ballmer. Microsoft didn't launch an Office suite for iPhone until June 2013, and the company unveiled Office for iPad in March 2014. But before Thursday's announcement, the iPad and iPhone versions required a paid Office 365 subscription. The all-new Office for Android is currently in "preview" mode, Microsoft said, and it requires registration.

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