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"exceltoxl" stepped into 3

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Hi there,


This is a great and an awesome moment to announce, we are entering into 3rd successful year in sharing our excel tips, videos, tutorials, resolving forum questions and in social media groups. Thank you everyone who supported us and who made us to stretch our journey further. We were very eager and excited to reach Mar 2nd, 2015 for quite some time (since 25 days) now. Finally, we are here in the celebration.





On this auspicious day, I would like to start this post with 2 greatest achievements I made in these two years of Excel Journey. Of-course there are many but I will top these.

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Convert Number to Words (100 = One Hundred Rupees Only) (no VBA)

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Hi there,


Explain this formula and win exceltoxl goodies (choose the t-shirt which you want)

In this post, I will be sharing excel howto's.


How to convert Rs.100 = "One Hundred Rupees Only" through Excel Formulas?


This is our challenge for today.

Due to short of time, I am publishing only the formula in two currencies. And, I am leaving you the explanation of the formula. 

You can also download the working file.xls in the bottom of this post.


1. Indian Currency (Rs. = Rupees)

   a. Crores as the base

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Master @ Home (Master Excel in 30 Days)

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Hi there,


Next Batch for MASTER@HOME is open now. The enrollments will be closing soon. Classes will begin on every first weekend of the month. Please enroll to this program and achieve new heights at your work in 2015 .


Are You Passionate on Excel?

Do You Really Want To Master Your Excel Skills?

Do You Need An Identity In Your Team or In Your Group?

Have You Appraised Badly From Your Company?

Are You Still Waiting In A List For A Promotion?

Have You Scaled Badly In Your Professional Life?

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Good Applause for Formulas Crash Course (Opens till Oct 13th)

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Hi there,

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Thanks once again for all of you who has enrolled and who still wants to enroll to "Formulas Crash Course", which is my first online crash course (Tutorial). Showing your support on this regards, by Registering, by adding to the member list, by adding to the RSS FEEDS, by adding to your Favourite browsers and lastly by sending me a great applause through e-mail's.


Your support on this blog,, is making me crazy to work almost 15 - 18 hours a day to find a suitable and most value added information to put in. And, as I always say (tagline) "Make you Passionate on Excel" has become true to my knowledge from the great applause received from your end. 


Most of you have raised questions about "Formulas Crash Course". Of-course I have replied to respective e-mail Id's however, here are few questions answered for you:

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Formulas Tutorial - Enrollment is ON


Hi there,

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OPENED NOW for NEW Registrations


I am glad to announce that "Formulas Tutorial" is open from today. This enrollment program will close very soon. 


Download Brochure - .pdf format

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Today is a Special Day for Me :)

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Hi every one,

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Today is really a memorable day for me, I got engaged with Sushma Gopalakrishna @ 8:40 AM IST last year on same day, 29th July, 2013. Yes, Its our first marriage anniversary. There are many things which changed my life after marriage. Before pointing those, I would like to say that one should start this new innings as a special occasion which comes only once in a life time. 

On this special occasion, I was given a warm welcome with a red carpet placed on every movement. I was treated as a chief guest to the function. I was the whole sole attraction to the entire audience/crowd. Special day and special movements come once and I got those on this day, last year,. 

Everyone will think to follow many ideas, achieve many dreams, accomplish new challenges after marriage but to fulfill those the one and only one secret to the success is "mutual understanding". The one who has mutual understanding in terms of selecting between the choices, understanding each other on their personal feelings, maintaining silence in the situations, keeping our self-updated with each other's ideas and requirements and so on.., will definitely achieve all these dreams.

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