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I am Blessed with Baby Girl

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Hi there,


Today, 24th of Nov,2013, I am blessed with Baby Girl. Mom and Kid are well. It's a cesarian operation. Baby took her place on Earth @9:08AM. 

One good news is, doctor has allowed me to Operation Theatre while doing cesarian operation. It is really a good experience for me. I was telling my wife about this since the day of our marriage. I was expected this is possible out side INDIA but luckily it happened in INDIA.

MyBaby on Day1:

This photo is captured immediately after the birth (say less than a minute).

Glad to say, being with the kid(s) and sharing their experiences gives real happiness.


My House Plan (Special Post)

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Hi Folks,

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Every one in this world have one dream that is, "I should have my own big house". All of us think in different ways of earnings and savings to reach this goal. This festival day let me share my house plan with you to inspire and to achieve as early as possible. And, you have an opportunity to guide me if I go wrong in my selection. Ok?.


Under Construction Plan (sky view):

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Camera Tool has a Shortcut Key

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Hi there,

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There was a time where I used to work for night shifts, which starts @ 9 PM and ends @ 6 AM and that was the time I just started my hard core reporting career. Every day, I was coming to office @ 9 PM and used to work complete night and going back home @ 6AM. I was really finding very difficult doing my reporting work for the whole night by searching the required Excel features (I was not knowing much shortcut keys) to complete the assigned tasks. That was a tough time for me and I believe for anyone who starts reporting or Excel application for the first time that to not knowing shortcut keys. :| 

After completing my shift, on the way home, I was sleeping the whole journey.

The cab driver used to wake me up every day saying "Sir, your house has come".

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Today is a Special Day for Me :)

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Hi every one,

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Today is really a memorable day for me, I got engaged with Sushma Gopalakrishna @ 8:40 AM IST last year on same day, 29th July, 2013. Yes, Its our first marriage anniversary. There are many things which changed my life after marriage. Before pointing those, I would like to say that one should start this new innings as a special occasion which comes only once in a life time. 

On this special occasion, I was given a warm welcome with a red carpet placed on every movement. I was treated as a chief guest to the function. I was the whole sole attraction to the entire audience/crowd. Special day and special movements come once and I got those on this day, last year,. 

Everyone will think to follow many ideas, achieve many dreams, accomplish new challenges after marriage but to fulfill those the one and only one secret to the success is "mutual understanding". The one who has mutual understanding in terms of selecting between the choices, understanding each other on their personal feelings, maintaining silence in the situations, keeping our self-updated with each other's ideas and requirements and so on.., will definitely achieve all these dreams.

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