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Divide and Rule (Mastering Excel Skills)

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Hi there, 

Master Your Excel Skills (Basics as well as Advanced Topics)

Today morning I was looking for my new pair of goggles which I wanted to wear on my weekend trip. Even after searching for an hour I wasn’t able to locate it. So I asked my wife where it was.

She said, “It is in the second room, 1 st wardrobe, 3rd drawer ,to the right side”


You won’t believe it , it was right there!

This is another reason why women can be compared to Google :P (The first reason you all know, in case you don’t , just leave me a comment, I will tell you J)

It was like performing Google search and the first link giving me the right result! Specifics are exciting right? That is just what I have for you!

To make you easy, to master your excel skills, I have come up with a brilliant idea called "Divide and Rule" policy.

As the name indicates I have divided the topics as per specific needs, to help you rule over them, one step at a time.  

Paying a huge amount for tutorials might be difficult for a few of them, so keeping them in mind I have provided an opportunity to purchase the topics as per the specific need.


Here we go:

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Group SUM of them

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Hi there,


This post is a consolidation of SUM of the posts that I have wrote earlier. The reason for why I am grouping them is to let you know how many ways the simple SUM function can be used in our day to day reporting.

Let me proceed to first example:

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Difference between SUM and AUTOSUM

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Hi there,

All excel users will be aware of how to use sum and autosum feature. First let me tell you, SUM and AUTOSUM functions are one and the same. This is what conceptionally thinking by everyone. However it is actually not.

If you want to defend with my statement, you can definitely, but for now proceed with me and by the end of this post, you will actually join your hands with me.

Difference between SUM vs AUTOSUM


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50+ Websites Give Excel Training's (on net)

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Hi there,


In addition to 120 + Excel websites on net, here are the list of Excel Training's provided by the website owners per their convenient methods. Off-line, On-line and Class Room Training's.

Learn Excel using "" 

                          My First Commercial Ad - Video

The list starts with:











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Random Words using RANDBETWEEN

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Hi there,


We all know RANDBETWEEN works only with numbers. But, why am I saying we can do random pic words using RANDBETWEEN. Is there any way we can do this? If you have any idea before reading the complete post, leave your idea using below comments section. 

If you are new to this tip, walk with me. :)

Learn Formulas from here. We have FORMULAS CRASH COURSE tailored for you; try once if you like it.



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Extract username and domain name from email ID using Formulas

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Hi there,



Do you know how to extract username and domain name separately from the cell contains email ID? If you know, share it using our comments to know how you work on this challenge.


Here, let us take my email ID




and the output should be like NOURGENT in a one cell and the other cell should contain YAHOO.COM.


To do this, I have two methods.

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