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SUM based on Colour (No Cast & No Religion)

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Hi there,


In this post, I will be sharing three slides on how to SUM values based on colour, without considering its cast and its religion ;)

Let me know what you have understood after reviewing these three slides. And, if you still requires explanation on this post, please post your comment as "Explain Please". 


Here we go:

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4 Ways to Colour Alternative Rows (with no time)

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Hi there,


I am sure, many of you are familiar about Table feature in Excel. Some time, while working on the data we feel like filling colour to an alternative rows to showcase them nicely to the management. We can achieve this using four different methods. I bet you will atleast like one of them. These tips are much easier and can save lots of time rather colouring it manually. Let us go ahead now:

Colour alternative rows using four options using excel

There are four different ways to colour alternative rows in Excel:

1. Using Conditional Formatting (more here)

2. Using Table 

3. Using Auto Fill Option

4. Using Banded Rows.

Let me explain each of them:

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Find SomeOne in SomeThing (excel tip)

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Hi there,


Christmas is nearing, I think most of you are all busy in shopping, right? Great!. Keep enjoying with your new plans for this christmas. And, as every body know, Christmas is the last festival in this year to celebrate so, most of you all celebrate by spending lots of money by giving lot of gifts to the nearest and dearest ones as santa surprise. Finally, this festival is very special to many of you like many people in this world. 


However, lets proceed to the topic now.


RawData to work on, one cell value to find it in another cell


The topic for today is, finding the cell value of one cell in the another cell which contains additional information apart from that one cell value.

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Prepare a Chart in 5 Seconds

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Hi there,


Hey!!! you know Excel chart can be prepared in 5 seconds. Of-course there are many ways where we can prepare/create charts in 5 seconds. Here, you will be learning how to prepare a simple chart using conditional formatting.


To begin with a chart first let me show you the raw data so that you can also prepare with out continuing with this post. Once you are done with the chart you can go through the post to check whether we are on the same page or better.

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Compare Two Lists in Excel (3 Easy and Simple ways)

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Hi there,

 Comparision between the two lists using 3 Excel tricks

Have you ever worked on comparing two different data sets in Excel? I know, this is a funny question for the analysts because they do this atleast once in a day. However, just to know how many of you will respond to this question. Any how, today's post is to tell you or explain you the number of ways we can compare the two data's to fix the missings or adjust the numbers or to cross check as part of quality check analyst or so on.


Once you finish this posts, I bet you will atleast say that I have learnt one new trick. Now, lets see the easy and simple 3 tricks for comparing the two data sets. 



Using conditional formatting, we can compare the data just by selecting. The process goes like this:

  i. Select the data in List A and List B (Use CTRL while selecting the second list)

 ii. Go to Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Duplicate Values > OK

That's it. Magic 1 Works!!!

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Hi there,


Folks, I have an idea to suggest Microsoft about the implementation of an additional feature to Conditional Formatting. If you accept this idea, please leave your comment in the comments section in the bottom of this post. The number of comments posted here will give them the strength to implement our idea to the next version of Excel or might be in the next update of the latest version Excel 2013.


Here is a letter to Microsoft Team:

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