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Extract Hyperlinks In Excel (a quick tip)


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In this post, I will explain how to extract hyperlinks from Excel. 



Edit Hyperlink option when you right click on the Hyperlinked word/sentence


We can extract hyperlinks by right clicking on the word/sentence which contains link and choose "edit hyperlink" and then copy the link in the "address" place as shown in the pic below.

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Hi there, is an another e-commerce website for whom looking for genuine shopping cart

Today, I am forced to learn about a new function in excel. Basically, it is not new but very few will know/use this function. The function name is EVALUATE. This is basically a macro function which is available in Excel 4.0 version. You can also see an alternative functions like this in my previous posts, in List FileNames in a Folder and Count Worksheets in a Workbook

EVALUATE function have a flavour of INDEX function. Not exactly but just a flavour. This function works in macro enabled workbooks only. Let's see why we use and how to utilize this function on our requirements on day-to-day excel works.



Sometimes, when we write a formula and to display it to the audience to know which formula we have used we will add ' (single apostrophe) in the start of the formula. So that it will not show the results but display the complete formula. Say, we have few calculations mentioned in a cell without giving = (is equal to) symbol, like 

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SUM values using Check Boxes (check how?)

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One of the Excel Lover tried summing a list using check box. This is something like thinking out of box. Are you eager to know how to do this. Here we go:



Set the raw data to do this. Here, I am using the Vegetables bought from the market today. Here, I have to disclose you how typically our villagers market their products.

In my village we will have market open on Wednesday, which means sellers from different place comes to our village to sell their goods. Goods interms of Vegetables, leafy vegetables, Stationary, Groceries and all kinds of petty shops for that matter. Every one comes to one village, Wednesday is in our village, and sells their goods and go back in the evenings. Next day will be the other village which is closer to our village. This is how the routine work of the sellers in the villages.

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Count Colored Cells (simple VBA)

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Yesterday, I was working on tutorial part and I came across the biggest challenge. Do you want to know what it is? Worry not; I am there to share my thoughts with you. The challenge here is, in a set of data ( for eg: B2:B100) few cells are highlighted with some color, say Green, now, How to count the number of cells highlighted in Green?

Any guess??

Any guesses???

Ok, I will give you an example. 

For example, In Excel version 2007, we have total of 347 functions. In this, 05 are newly added Functions compared to previous (2003) version. These 5 functions are highlighted in a list and now how to count those five functions using Excel functions???.

I tried and tried using different functions and finally my brain cells got activated, then I thought, Why can't I do using VBA? Yes, this can be done using VBA. 

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