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Show Invisible Cell Content ( its Advantages)

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In this post, we will discuss about how to make the cell content invisible from other users. The cell content is visible only through the formula bar when the user activate the cell. There are three alternatives to find them.


Once the invisible cell is located, change the font to dark colours so that the cell content will be visible.

Hide cell content using excel logics



This is one of the poor advice, however, we can also hide the cell content by hiding the respective cell column or cell row.

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Undo or Redo Series of Actions (excel tip)

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In this post, we will learn "How to UNDO or REDO series of actions in Excel?"

We all know how to undo, right?

We use CTRL + Z (keyboard shortcut), similarly, we can use CTRL + Y (keyboard shortcut) to redo the activity in Excel.

This is one way of doing for single instance. But, for multiple instances is a new concept for most of us, right?


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Using Exact formula to other Set of Data

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In this topic, we will discuss about the usage of an exact formula to other set of data. This can be done in many ways. However, the simple and easy method is as follows:


Use Exact Formula to Other Set of Data!

Say we have DATA SET 1 and DATA SET 2. We have applied formulas to DATA SET 1 and same formula has to be replaced to DATA SET 2.

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How to Filter Bold Cells in Excel?

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Today, I had a little logical challenge. That is, I have an excel sheet with few cells bolded. The client needs me to filter the data based on bold cells. Because client wants to analyze only bold items and provide some stats to his boss. He gave me very less time and the data is almost big.


I spent an expensive time on this report and came up with a simple logic. It might help you as well. So, sharing with you.

I find it very challenging, because this is the first time I came across. And, we do not have a direct feature to click and get it done. However, I cracked this challenge using ...


The logic used is FIND & REPLACE option.



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Lane Discipline Using Excel Custom Formatting

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Enjoy your shopping with genuine happiness (

Today, let's learn an important but short tip on how to make our numbers to follow lane decipline?


How to align numbers when there is single decimal in one cell and two decimals in another cell using excel?

Format Cells Window Describes How to CUSTOM FORMAT cells

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Hide Cell Content using CTRL + 1 (quick tip)

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say formatting?

Beautification right? But did you know format command can be used for several other applications?

There are some unique applications of each command in excel. 

We all know how to hide a cell content using conventional methods like-

1. Applying white font colour 

2. Hiding a row or column by right clicking on the header (column or row) and click on Hide/Unhide

If someone changes the font colour then it becomes visible! And what if your application requires you to hide just that one cell and not the entire row or column?


Today I will teach you how to hide the content of a cell without others getting to know ( unless he/she is an excel pro). I am going to teach you how to hide a cell content using 'Format Cells'? Yes you heard me right! Hiding a cell content using Format cells!

These two options are well-versed by almost all excel enthusiasts. However, have you tried hiding a cell content using 'Format Cells'?


How to Hide Excel Cell Content from Others using Format Cells?

Here is an opportunity which demonstrate how to hide cell content using 'Format Cells', here we go:

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