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My Excel Speaks !!!!

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Do you know My Excel is speaking quite some time now. Most of you might have known how Excel speaks. For few of them who don't know might think oh! Abhilash PC is doing something great. Black Magic!. Not at all, It's not black magic but Its completely Microsoft Magic. 

In Excel, there is an option which makes Excel to read the cell contents. After this post every body will say even my Excel Speaks! right? &#59;)



Excel speaks because speech function exists in Excel Options-->All Commands (under Choose Commands From) --> search for Speak Cells. Add this speak cells option to the QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR and now type "Abhilash is a Good Boy" in cell A1 then, select the cell A1 and click on speak cells. Don't forget you should only type "Abhilash is a Good Boy" else it won't work. :) just kidding.

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After a long gap, around 20 days, again I am back to share some interesting Excel tips which helps to your reporting needs. There are many reasons for why I have not attended to add new posts. Few reasons to make you understand are Addressing the Formulas Crash Course Doubts, Preparing/Adding New Videos, Relocated from Bangalore to Gudibanda, Birthday Bash, United AndhraPradesh Protests since 50+ days, Getting new Internet connection, Setting up the space for my system to start my new life (for next six months) in my native with parents and many took me these many days.

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