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"exceltoxl" stepped into 3

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Hi there,


This is a great and an awesome moment to announce, we are entering into 3rd successful year in sharing our excel tips, videos, tutorials, resolving forum questions and in social media groups. Thank you everyone who supported us and who made us to stretch our journey further. We were very eager and excited to reach Mar 2nd, 2015 for quite some time (since 25 days) now. Finally, we are here in the celebration.





On this auspicious day, I would like to start this post with 2 greatest achievements I made in these two years of Excel Journey. Of-course there are many but I will top these.

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Hi there,


I am working on one of the report to my client and there is a scenario where I need to select particular word (which is placed in as column header) because I have to insert a column before that word. You got me right?


Here is an example:

I have divided into two parts because of the visibility issue. However, In this case GoTo Special window is the best choice we have. This window will help to select_all formula cells, formated cells, blanks and so on., 
But we are lack of CUSTOM selection option in this window. Below is the pic if at all Microsoft is going to incorporate. (One More Request is Here)

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Report Distracting Ads (Links)

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Hi there,

I have received few notifications since three days that there are few ads which are not suitable to see/watch in the office hours. I have blocked few of them however please share those links or the names of the ads which are distracting while reading any of the posts in our blog here.


Thank you for all those who have notified me to block the ads from "exceltoxl". Ads are just a part of my earnings (which is of 1%) and if any of those are found nudity, sex related, gambling, chatting, single,  or similar to any of these are blocked however it depends on the website names and particular links which needs to be blocked, if at all still appearing.


Let me know by e-mailing me on



FREE EXCEL TRAINING (Enroll Before 2nd May)

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Hi there,

How are you doing? Hope you are doing great.



I have been in this Excel Industry since 8 years now. And, I have trained almost 900+ students since 6 years including off-line and on-line training programs. I still feel there is something that I am missing out even being in the field (Excel) which I like most.


There are many Excel users, who always have a better opportunity from their current levels but not able to taste the success due to lack of subject knowledge or due to lack of financial support or at the worst case due to lack of in-efficient trainer choice.

For those who have passion to learn (with out paying a single ruppee) and located in Bangalore - INDIA have a good news here.


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Happy Republic Day

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Hi there,

visit our website for retail shopping for kids, babies products, mobile phones and accessories, iphones, tabs, titan watches and etc.,


Today is our 66th Indian Republic Day. Happy Republic Day to one and all.


Happy Republic Day to One and All (66th Birthday)

We Invite You to Come & Join Our Family

Small Excel Tip:

While using formulas, if the cell references needs to change from relative to absolute just need to ...

relative to absolute reference.mp4


Happy Sankranthi

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Hi there,


Happy Makara Sankranti To You and Your Family :)

Today is a very big festival for Indians. Few name it differently but we pray for one god and we celebrate equally  among each other. Basically, according to the Hindu calendar Makar Sankranti is a festival celebrated for the happiness of getting new crops for farmers. There are many scientifical reasons why this festival is also called as a New Year. 


Happy Sankranthi To all Our Viewers of "exceltoxl"


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