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Folks, I have an idea to suggest Microsoft about the implementation of an additional feature to Conditional Formatting. If you accept this idea, please leave your comment in the comments section in the bottom of this post. The number of comments posted here will give them the strength to implement our idea to the next version of Excel or might be in the next update of the latest version Excel 2013.


Here is a letter to Microsoft Team:

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SUM values using Check Boxes (check how?)

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One of the Excel Lover tried summing a list using check box. This is something like thinking out of box. Are you eager to know how to do this. Here we go:



Set the raw data to do this. Here, I am using the Vegetables bought from the market today. Here, I have to disclose you how typically our villagers market their products.

In my village we will have market open on Wednesday, which means sellers from different place comes to our village to sell their goods. Goods interms of Vegetables, leafy vegetables, Stationary, Groceries and all kinds of petty shops for that matter. Every one comes to one village, Wednesday is in our village, and sells their goods and go back in the evenings. Next day will be the other village which is closer to our village. This is how the routine work of the sellers in the villages.

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Access Workbook in Browser (Skydrive)

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I am actually working on the post "Introduction to Data Model & its Relationships" and I got a requirement to use for the first time. Do you know the purpose of using it.


Skydrive is the online secure file hosting service which allow users to upload the files and use it when required through any local web browser. This uses the cloud storage to store the files.

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