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Excel Songs on Youtube

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Hi there,

I was browsing through the youtube channel to learn new excel findings. But, I came across few songs composed on excel, how crazy people are,. ) :  I actually found 4 videos on Excel. However, Mr.Excel has already listed Top 10 Excel Songs in his website. It was amazed me seeing a very good collection. I am very excited to share those creativities with you as well. 


Excel Songs Composed by Excel Lovers !!!

Hoping you also like the way I did, here you go:

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50+ Websites Give Excel Training's (on net)

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Hi there,


In addition to 120 + Excel websites on net, here are the list of Excel Training's provided by the website owners per their convenient methods. Off-line, On-line and Class Room Training's.

Learn Excel using "" 

                          My First Commercial Ad - Video

The list starts with:











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Excel Lovers are Increasing Day-by-Day

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Hi there,



Quite few days, the number of Excel Lovers who wants to learn and make Excel as their passion has increased drastically. I, myself, experienced this by giving training for more number of participants either in classroom trainings or more number of subscribers in online trainings.


Take Right Step to reach SUCCESS (
 This image is taken from

This proves that the starvation of learning Excel is becoming very huge on day to day interms of percentage. So, to make our facilities available for more number of Excel Lovers we are introducing a commercial ad with promo code to avail 50% discount. This promo code is valid till the subscribers who stands with in 2500 members. After reaching this target number of participants we will close it without any notifications. 

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