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Brief History on Excel Template (about)


Hi there,


In this post, we will brief about Excel Template. This is a model that serves as the basis for something else. In a long run these templates will save lot of time and effort of the reporting analyst. Do you know that there are so many templates available as an in-built. If not, click on FILE --> NEW

Now, you will not ask anyone - 

Where do we get templates in Excel?



As mentioned above, default templates are available FILE --> NEW. Here you can explore almost 25 templates and more when you use search option, type the required keywords to norrow the search.

Few of the default templates includes:

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ToDo List Template to Download

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Hi there,


ToDo List for Dowload (

I had a requirement to prepare a ToDo list. So, am sharing you the simple downloadable and printable ToDo List template. If you know further improvements to this template can be allowed to share your ideas, suggestions and reviews by using our comments section below.


Download ToDo List Template from below link

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Formulas Cheat Sheet [BUMPER OFFER]

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Hi there,

You have a bumper offer today. Yes BUMPER OFFER! You will get 'Formulas Cheat Sheet'.

The word ‘Cheat’ itself is quite exciting right? :roll: It is the same excitement we experienced as kids when we got the cheat codes of video games! If you got excited it means the child in you is still alive :D

Anyway jokes apart!

Have you tried clicking on the above ? Sorry! that is not the way to unpack the offer. I have actually decided to share this to the active member (registered member) of this blog. So what are you waiting for, if you are an active member then drop me an email ( with subject line FCS_UserName.

Are You A New User?

Yes, if you are a new user then you need to pay $10 (outside INDIA) or Rs.100 (within INDIA) :), Just Kidding...! 

You know what, FCS is absolutely free for all the users of this blog. As a new user to avail this offer just need to follow this:

Method 1:

Step 1: Click on Login placed on the top right corner.

Step 2: Create your user name and password (subscribe).

Step 3: Copy the User Name [Password will remain with you] only.

Step 4: Goto web mail (Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff, etc.,)

Step 5: Create 'New Mail'

Step 6: Send me an email to Don't forget to mention FCS_username in the subject line.

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