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4 Ways to Colour Alternative Rows (with no time)

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I am sure, many of you are familiar about Table feature in Excel. Some time, while working on the data we feel like filling colour to an alternative rows to showcase them nicely to the management. We can achieve this using four different methods. I bet you will atleast like one of them. These tips are much easier and can save lots of time rather colouring it manually. Let us go ahead now:

Colour alternative rows using four options using excel

There are four different ways to colour alternative rows in Excel:

1. Using Conditional Formatting (more here)

2. Using Table 

3. Using Auto Fill Option

4. Using Banded Rows.

Let me explain each of them:

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Mouse Right Click Action on Keyboard (quick tip)

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Let me end this week with a quick tip.


We can do right click through mouse using right button on the mouse. But, how to do right click using keyboard?

Do you have this doubt? No, worries. By the end of this post, you will be familiar how to do right click using mouse.


Mouse Right Click Image

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Fill Handle Trick to Fill Alphabets "A to Z"

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Hi there,

Today is SRI KRISHNA JANMASTAMI, on behalf of our team, HAPPY SRI KRISHNA JANMASTAMI to all of you and your family. Here you will be learning a nice trick today. Do you want to know what it is? 

 Learn Alphabets using Excel from ""



We can achieve this result using two methods.

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