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Divide and Rule (Mastering Excel Skills)

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Hi there, 

Master Your Excel Skills (Basics as well as Advanced Topics)

Today morning I was looking for my new pair of goggles which I wanted to wear on my weekend trip. Even after searching for an hour I wasn’t able to locate it. So I asked my wife where it was.

She said, “It is in the second room, 1 st wardrobe, 3rd drawer ,to the right side”


You won’t believe it , it was right there!

This is another reason why women can be compared to Google :P (The first reason you all know, in case you don’t , just leave me a comment, I will tell you J)

It was like performing Google search and the first link giving me the right result! Specifics are exciting right? That is just what I have for you!

To make you easy, to master your excel skills, I have come up with a brilliant idea called "Divide and Rule" policy.

As the name indicates I have divided the topics as per specific needs, to help you rule over them, one step at a time.  

Paying a huge amount for tutorials might be difficult for a few of them, so keeping them in mind I have provided an opportunity to purchase the topics as per the specific need.


Here we go:

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Master @ Home (Master Excel in 30 Days)

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Hi there,


Next Batch for MASTER@HOME is open now. The enrollments will be closing soon. Classes will begin on every first weekend of the month. Please enroll to this program and achieve new heights at your work in 2015 .


Are You Passionate on Excel?

Do You Really Want To Master Your Excel Skills?

Do You Need An Identity In Your Team or In Your Group?

Have You Appraised Badly From Your Company?

Are You Still Waiting In A List For A Promotion?

Have You Scaled Badly In Your Professional Life?

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