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Office 2016 Doesn't have PowerPivot (by default)

Excel 2016, powerpivot

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For new bees who purchased Office 2016 might have been in a dilemmo, Who Moved My (PowerPivot) Cheese. There are few versions which offers powerpivot as a default with Excel 2016. Those are as follows:

  1. Office 365 Pro Plus
  2. Office 365 E3
  3. Office 365 E4

The Office versions doesnot include powerpivot are listed here:

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10 + Highlights of Excel 2016

Excel 2016

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Microsoft Excel 2016 is going to launch officialy in the coming (fourth) quarter or so. However, the pre-release is doing hul-chal in the market. I am quite exited and awaiting to buy the new release as we have seen in "First Look of Excel 2016" and also "Formulas Additions/Removals from Excel 2016" in the same go, we have also looked into "New Charts added to Excel 2016".

Now, its turn to see few more Highlights of Excel 2016. Some of them might have covered in First Look of Excel 2016 video however, I am putting across here for your reference.

Highlights of Excel 2016:

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New Charts Added in Excel 2016

charts, Excel 2016

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Yes, you heard right. There are few charts added in the charting family (INSERT RIBBON) for Excel 2016. These charts are actually not new. Passionated Excel Users has already using them by adding few logics however, they are now in use by just giving a click of a button. Here is a quick tour to those new seven Excel charts. 

The detailed information about the above presentation is discussed here.

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Office for Android Phones

Applications, Excel 2016

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Office applications (Excel, Word and PowerPoint) are available for public preview for android mobiles since yesterday. Here you go: Office for Public Preview , if you have already installed on your mobile and you find some challenges using it then post your challenges in Office for Android Community.


Office is now available for Android Phone. Limitations are atleast 4.4 KitKat and 1GB RAM or above

Few Application Glimpses:

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Additions/Removals of Functions in Excel 2016

Formulas, Excel 2016

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I just gone through the FORMULAS ribbon in Excel 2016 and found few additions and removals. The strange thing is one entire group of functions are missing. 



  • FORECAST.ETS : This function returns a forecasted value for a specific future target date using exponential smoothing method.
  • FORECAST.ETS.CONFINT : This function will return a confidence interval for the forecast value at the specified target date.
  • FORECAST.ETS.SEASONALITY : This function returns the length of the repetitive pattern, Microsoft Excel detects for the specified time series.
  • FORECAST.ETS.STAT : This function returns the requested statistic for the forecast.
  • FORECAST.LINEAR : This function calculates, or predicts, a future value along a linear trend by using existing values.


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Leakage is Everywhere

Excel 2016

Hi there,


I have heard leakage in pipelines which supply water, gas or oil. 

I have seen leakage in filmy songs or scenes.

I have seen leakage in exam papers.

But, this is a new leakage which I saw for the first time and felt amazed because the information leaked is exactly what is available in original release.


Yes, I am speaking about Office 2016... For more International Business Times and also in Neowin.


Do you have anything to say on this. Please pass your messages/reviews on this post, using below comments section.

That's it from my end and see you soon.





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