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Types of DAX Functions (Power Pivot)


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This post is very expensive if you learn because the topic here contains such a great weightage. Which is "Types of DAX Functions". Thinking, you already know Data Analysis Expression is a part of Power Pivot feature of Excel. 

The way excel has different types of functions, even powerpivot has different types of functions. If you know which function falls under which type/category it is easy to grab the function when we are in such scenario.

Here I will be sharing the types of DAX functions. And, in the next post, I will share the number of functions falls in each type/category.


So, here we go:

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Documentation for Excel Functions (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013)

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In my previous post, List of Excel Functions, I have listed all Excel Functions irrespective of versions (since 2013). But, I haven't provided description to all of the functions because there are almost 461 Excel Functions available. It is time consuming. So, I just found the descriptions in the microsoft website so thought it will be very useful for you (like me).


Before giving you the link, here are the number of functions available in each branch.

No of Functions Belongs to 
38 Compatible Functions
07 Cube Functions
12 Database Functions
24 Data and Time Functions
54 Engineering Functions
55 Financial Functions
20 Information Functions
09 Logical Functions
19 Lookup & Reference Functions
79 Math & Trigonometry Functions
104 Statistical Functions
37 Text Functions
03 Web Functions













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