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Important days to remember in July

Welcome, I-dates
Hi there,   Every day has something special in the world but most special for most people are very limited. I have taken an initiative to reveal/recall few of them for you. Check this below list for July.    International Joke Day (July 1st)… more »

Cooked Dynamic Chart

charts, How-to's
Hi there,   Today I want to attempt the interesting topic in Charts. Have you ever heard about Dynamic Charts. Raise your hands if any of you have heard or know about Dynamic Charts. ;)   Wav..! so many hands are flying in the air. Great!   more »

Interview questions on Excel and MySQL (AKA MySEQUEL)

Welcome, Interview Questions
Hi there, This is very common in nature for every individual. Confused!!!!! I am speaking about the subject line here. Every individual who is passionate to work/earn will definitely face interviews in their life. One common point for the employees or non-employees is that few of them will stick to one organization for many years, in parallel most of the employees will quit from the organizations in a short notice. There might be many reasons for who stick to one organization and for who flies to other organizations (like a freelancer). :) I am definitely one of them in a list who quit organizations however not in a short notice, of-course. ; ) Here I want to say one thing that companies will follow their own methods to hire an individual. more »

Convert Number to Percentage

Hi there,   While working on huge reports we usually kill most of our time searching on necessary options. For eg: Below is the table with Company name and Profit Percentage assume this is resulted for 1st quarter of 2013. Here the data in the Percen… more »

Specifications and limits of Excel (2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013)

Hi there, We know "Excel" as an application by Microsoft released in Sep 30th 1985 and is used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. The standard definition of Excel where most of us know: and and so on... more »

What is the difference between Column Chart and Bar Chart?

Hi there, I have been to an interview to 'xyz' company today and I found few candidates who came for interview was discussing about charts. Might be an interviewer would have asked one of them, I believe. The question goes like this: What is a Column… more »
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