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Important Days to Remember in September

Hi there,   This month is very special to me because I saw this world on 9th of September, ofcourse 1981's model. ;) Your guess is correct, Its my Birthday, Sep 9th,. more »

Tampering Our Own Excel Workbook

excel_usage, Learn Excel
Hi there,   I think you might get little confused (about this post) seeing the Title. Worry not, this post is regarding how to hide the workbook features like: how to hide Worksheet Tabs how to hide Row or Column headers how to hide Formula Bar Le… more »

Excel Data Tables Are Awesome..!

Formulas, Tables
One of the most amazing features of Excel is Tables. To know more check How Human Parts Resembles Excel Features more »

Camera Tool has a Shortcut Key

Shortcuts, charts, About Self
Hi there,   more »

Create Symbols using Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts, Learn Excel
Alt + 0153..... ™... trademark symbol Alt + 0169.... ©.... copyright symbol Alt + 0174..... more »

Count Colored Cells (simple VBA)

Formulas, Learn Excel, VBA
Hi there, Yesterday, I was working on tutorial part and I came across the biggest challenge. Do you want to know what it is? Worry not; I am there to share my thoughts with you. The challenge here is, in a set of data ( for eg: B2:B100) few cells are highlighted with some color, say Green, now, How to count the number of cells highlighted in Green? Any guess?? Any guesses??? Ok, I will give you an example. For example, In Excel version 2007, we have total of 347 functions. In this, 05 are newly added Functions compared to previous (2003) version. These 5 functions are highlighted in a list and now how to count those five functions using Excel functions???. I tried and tried using different functions and finally my brain cells got activated, then I thought, Why can't I do using VBA? Yes, this can be done using VBA. more »
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