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Important Days to Remember in October

In continuation with previous posts on Important Days to Remember in June, July, August, September, October... more »

Excel Chart Templates (prepare in just a click)

Hi there,   In the earlier posts, we have seen how to prepare Dynamic Charts, Column Chart, Bar Chart, difference between Column and Bar Chart and then Thermometer Chart. While preparing charts, any chart for that matter, we will have to do lot of manipulations to make it look attractive and to satisfy the management. And, we also add some cosmetics and follow dressing sense for finalizing the charts. more »

My Excel Speaks !!!!

excel_usage, Excel Tips
Hi there,   Excel speaks because speech function exists in Excel Options-->All Commands (under Choose Commands From) --> search for Speak Cells. Add this speak cells option to the QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR and now type "Abhilash is a Good Boy" in cell A1 then, select the cell A1 and click on speak cells. Don't forget you should only type "Abhilash is a Good Boy" else it won't work. :) just kidding. more »

Thermometer Chart

Hi there,   We have few standard types of charts in Excel. Chart types like  more »

Fill Blank Cells

excel_usage, Learn Excel
Hi there,   Today, let us discuss on how to fill blank cells between the data. We usually get this kind of scenarios when we copy the data from external applications or from the lazy analysts who donot want to update the same cell content to the below cells thinking above information will do untill the different content get updated. In the picture below we see A1 is updated with 'January' and left blank till A4 which means 'January' is applicable from cell A1 to cell A4 and proceeding with 'February' for A5 and so on... more »

Navigate Excel Sheets

How-to's, Excel Tips
Hi there, I have few points to be notified while using Excel charts more »
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