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Pivot Tutorial
In the previous post we have seen how to prepare PIVOT TABLE. Now, we will learn how to make pivot Chart for the Pivot Table. more »

I am Blessed with Baby Girl

About Self
Hi there,   Today, 24th of Nov,2013, I am blessed with Baby Girl. Mom and Kid are well. It's a sciserian operation. Baby took a place on Earth @9:08AM.  One good news is, doctor has allowed me to Operation Theatre will doing operation  more »


Pivot Tutorial
Pivot Tables play a major role with respect to Excel features. These are useful in summarizing the data, exploring more »

Shortcut to Open MS Office Applications

Excel Tips
Most of them know how to open an Excel application using window shortcuts. But, I have a question to you now. more »

Information Functions are in Finger Tips Now (3 of 3)

Hi there, Tomorrow is a children's day. On behalf, exceltoxl is wishing a Happy Children's Day. On this day most of us would have recalled many sweet memories like parents will push the children to go to school or tutions, demanding parents for what others have which doesnot have with us, thefting others schools bags having pens, pencils, erasers, sharpners etc., thefting others lunch boxes and having in between the classes. In some cases like me, I was in the hostel since PRE KG. So, when I was @12 going to movies without informing our wardens, thefting watermilons, papayas, coconuts in the farms, playing cricket and volleyball with all my friends in the leisure time, going to watch television programs in the leisure time without knowing to our principal, off-course above all we were studying well and passed distinctions. In my opinion children who participate all curicular activities will definitely have good stand on studies too. So, my suggestion is to keep children to participate all the activities and make them to enjoy when ever required. Time is very Precious. more »

Information Functions Week (2 of 3)

excel_usage, Formulas
Hi there,   Let us celebrate the Information Functions Week from today 9th of Nov, 2013 till next 15th of Nov, 2013. Have a great Information Functions Week and happy learning. This complete week we will learn about the topics mentioned below:  Whe… more »
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