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Auto Filling Tricks in Excel

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Hi there, We have an user friendly feature in Excel which is "Auto Filling". Auto Filling will help the excel lovers to fill the below cells with respect to the parent cell and same time it helps to fill right hand side cells with respect to the parent cell. Let us see how this feature works with respect to formulas, values, dates and characters. Let's AutoFill...   more »

Prepare a Gantt Before Sipping a Tea

In the previous post, we have learnt about When, How, Why prepare Gantt Charts. Here we will see the pictorial demonstration of more »

Use Guage @ Your Cage

excel_usage, charts
Hi there,   Before starting, could you please tell me how many of you have used Guage chart or Speedometer chart at your work (office). If you have worked then you would have definitely sent this chart to CEO or COO or CFO and so on..., I mean to the higher management,. If you have not worked on this chart then here we go: more »

Ms Excel and Ms Word Training was Successful

Hi there,   For the first time, I have taken a project to teach Ms Excel and Ms Word to the Central Government Employees on behalf of PARSAM INSTITUTE. It was planned quite a long time however the training program was conducted between 11th Dec 2013 t… more »

Difference between WrapText Vs Justify

excel_usage, Excel Tips
While preparing a presentation for my next training session, found the difference between Wrap text & Justify. more »
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