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Excel Time Stamp (quick tip)

excel_usage, Excel Tips
Hi there,   I am spending lot of time with my 2 month old kid. We are calling her as ding-ding because we should name her with letter "D". Please do help me  with names starting with "di", "de", "du", "dow".  We (Sushma & Myself) have planned to… more »

Excel Master School - 2014 (enrollments are started)

Tutorial, Trainings
Hi there,   I am glad to announce that "The Excel Master School - 2014" is open now to all the readers of "exceltoxl". The enrollments are open from today, 15th Jan 2014 till 2nd Feb 2014. The online classes will start from 3rd Jan 2014 for a period o… more »

Combine All Text Cells into One Cell (Quick Tip)

excel_usage, How-to's, Excel Tips
Hi there,   Again, a great tip from one of our excel lovers is that ... wait! first we will see what is the question here. The question is that how to combine or concatenate cells containing text into one cell. This can be done using an inbuilt Excel… more »

Count Words in a Cell - "5"

Formulas, How-to's
Hi there,   Sometimes we get a requirement to count the number of words in a cell. This is not a difficult task, a simple logic works to get this done.   more »

20 Ways of Excel Pasting Techniques

excel_usage, Excel Tips
How was your new year? Are you having enough fun this year. Great! that you guys are all enjoying this new year. more »

Making of an in-cell Chart

There are huge number of excel lovers in this world however, very few of them will discover new techniques using existing excel features. more »
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