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HAPPY UGADI - Grab Your Gift

Festival Special, Unpack Your Gift
Hi there,   Today is SOUTH INDIAN festival UGADI, a NEW YEAR. On behalf, "exceltoxl" team is wishing you all a HAPPY UGADI and prosporous NEW YEAR. Keep rocking this year too...! What to know about UGADI?    GOOD NEWS: You have a gift awaiting. Ma… more »

Waffle Chart

charts, How-to's
Hi there,   Most of you all are back to your homes from the capital cities, I believe, to celebrate the biggest festival in South India i.e., UGADI. This is also called as NEW YEAR. There are many reasons which supports why we celebrate UGADI as NEW Y… more »

SHIFT + TAB (Do you know this "Tip")

excel_usage, Excel Tips
Hi there,   Today I have learnt a new trick using SHIFT + TAB. Before telling what it is let me first tell you the scenario when to use this.   There are four columns or five columns for that matter. Those are named as A B C D and E. Say, I want to… more »

Pie Chart to show % Progress

charts, How-to's
Hi there,   There is an important point to be remembered for who uses PIE charts. Pie Charts can be applied only when the data is in terms of percentage or values but when it sum's we should get 100% or value as 100. I have been to an interview and… more »

Learn Formulas

Hi there,   Formulas play a prominent role in the Excel application  more »

Create Multiple Lines in a Cell

excel_usage, Excel Tips
Hi there,   When I was working in an MNC company between 2005-2010 we had only sunday as weekly off. We were praying to get two days as weekly off i.e., saturday and sunday but by the time the company offered I was in a different company. Ok, that was… more »
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