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What is the difference between a Link and an Object?

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Hi there, Here is the question which was asked by one of my trainee and I felt to share the same with you because YOU are my assets. LINK: A link is a relation between two things or situations, especially where one effects the other. This is the definition taken from GOOGLE. What it means is, Say you want to link a cell A1 of Sheet 1 to cell A1 of Sheet 2. Which means what ever the cell A1 in sheet 2 contains the same will reflect in cell A1 of Sheet 1. Or, otherwise, to move from one place to another with out much activity (short cut method) is called a link. more »

How to Sort the Sorted List?

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Hi There, WHAT IS A SORT? A simple Sort is nothing but arranging the data in a alphabetical order, say A to Z (the word starts with A will list first, if not A then check for B and list's as first and it proceeds) or Z to A. Otherwise it takes the numbers to sort depends on the weight of the number. HOW TO DO AN ADVANCED SORT? This is a very nice technique to learn. First, select the data which needs to sort and goto DATA ribbon and click on SORT in Sort & Filter Group. more »

Insert Excel in an Excel, Confused!!!

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Hi there, This is a quick tip for you. Have you ever tried to insert an Excel in an Excel? Confused!!! I will help you, ever tried to insert an Excel Workbook with in an Excel Sheet. No! Yes!!! Ok, no worries. It's a recall for who say "Yes" and here is the best place for those who say "No". Here we go: WHAT IS AN OBJECT? Object is nothing but an icon which contains an embedded picture. more »

ToDo List Template to Download

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Hi there, I had a requirement to prepare a ToDo list. So, am sharing you the simple downloadable and printable ToDo List template. If you know further improvements to this template can be allowed to share your ideas, suggestions and reviews by using our comments section below. Download ToDo List Template from below link more »

Extract username and domain name from email ID using Formulas

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Hi there, [adsense:] Do you know how to extract username and domain name separately from the cell contains email ID? If you know, share it using our comments to know how you work on this challenge. Here, let us take my email ID NOURGENT@YAHOO.COM and the output should be like NOURGENT in a one cell and the other cell should contain YAHOO.COM. To do this, I have two methods. more »

Extract Sheet Name to a Cell (No VBA)

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Hi there, [adsense:] Have you come across this situation in your work. This is really amazing trick to extract the active sheet name to a cell. The formula goes like this. =mid(cell("filename",a1),find("]",cell("filename",a1))+1,111) EXPLANATION: more »
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