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Mouse Right Click Action on Keyboard (quick tip)

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Hi, Let me end this week with a quick tip. We can do right click through mouse using right button on the mouse. But, how to do right click using keyboard? Do you have this doubt? No, worries. By the end of this post, you will be familiar how to do right click using mouse. Mouse Right Click Image more »

Paste By Values Has a New Look, Try this!

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Hi there, [adsense:] Can any body tell me how many ways you can copy paste the formulas to values using Excel? Post your answers in the comments section below. I know 3 methods. Once you copy the data: 1. Use ALT + E + S + V 2. Use Paste Special Window to paste by values and the third one is some thing new to all. For that matter, it is even new to me till last month. Do you want to know what it is? Am I creating curiosity to learn this? :) Here it is: more »

Remove Particular Rows from the List

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Hi there, Today I have a nice trick to share with you. This trick shows How to remove particular rows which contains specific names or dates or anything that matters.? I have a set of data which contains Excel Master School subscribers (not original names). If you want to remove the students whose access to utilize the course was ended (eg: say 6 months access to the view and download option). To do this we require a quick tip. Right? Remove Unwanted Rows in Excel using this tip A small demonstration which replicate the same: more »

50+ Websites Give Excel Training's (on net)

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In addition to 120 + Excel websites on net, here are the list of Excel Training's provided by the website owners per their convinient methods. Off-line, On-line and Class Room Training's. more »


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Hi there, Folks, I have an idea to suggest microsoft about the implimentation of an additional feature to Conditional Formatting. If you accept this idea, please leave your comment in the comments section in the bottom of this post. The number of comments posted here will give them the strength to impliment our idea to the next version of Excel or might be in the next update of the latest version Excel 2013. Here is a letter to Microsoft Team: more »

Import Data from a Website

Import & Export
Hi there, Today's tip is to import data from the net or from a website. Have you come across this situation. If not check it out here. If yes, then its a recap for you. To import an external data, say my own blog, 1. First need to get it in to a ribbon called DATA, click on "From Web" option in "Get External Data" group. more »
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