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Excel NameBox Features are Awesome

How-to's, Excel Tips
Hi there,   One more great post in my kitty. NameBox is a feature in Excel which is ignored by many Excel Users. However, if you read this post completely you will really say wow!   Let us move on to the NameBox features now: 1. Move to any cell … more »


Hi there, I have a doubt why Excel team has not given shortcut key to a NameBox? I am in need of it. And, I didn't find the shortcut or keyboard combination to go to NameBox in 7 years of my excel experience. May be I would have missed to learn this topic. If that is the case, please do share if you know the keyboard shortcut key to access this feature. more »

Custom Grouping in Pivot Table (A Challenge!)

excel_usage, Excel Tips, Pivot Tutorial
Hi There, Today, when I was taking a class on PIVOT, one of my student asked this question and I found it challenging, not exactly but found two different methods to achieve this. So, thought of sharing with you. The Pivot Challenge is as below: "How to Group Dates from Monday to Sunday using Pivot Table?" Initially, I felt like pivot class is almost getting over and why is he asking grouping again (I covered group by words and other concepts yesterday). Any how, I should give him an answer. So, I took an example workbook where the starting day of the dump is from Thursday (08/02/2007) and the requirement to group the dates are opened cases on or after 08/25/2014. (08/25/2014 is Monday). more »

How to do Chatting in Excel? WOW!

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Hi there, Do you know we can interact or chat in Excel? A group of members can chat in Excel application and share ideas with each other and do trainings online and bla bla blaa.... We can do many things using this feature. If you know what I am speaking about then please do post your valuable answers using the below comments section before proceeding to the post. If you are done posting your comments then, step with me to see what exactly I am speaking about. If you do not know, no issues, just follow with me. more »


Learn Excel, Applications
Hi there, Firstly, I want to ask you are you a fan of FACEBOOK? or are you a fan of EXCEL? or are you a fan of both FACEBOOK and EXCEL? That's great if you are a fan of both like me. I am crazy about both. For all who loves either of them or both will have a DOUGHNUT today. And, after revealing this trick you will definitely post back to me in the below comments section saying "Awesome". Let's see how many of them will do. Now, we will proceed to see what I am speaking about. I will reveal the trick now. more »

STANLEY! Its Great Talking To You

Welcome, celebrity
Hi there,   Today, I am very happy because of two things, to share with you apart from Excel. I went to UB city to meet one person and this two things happened to me.   I MET TWO PERSONALITIES: 1. MR. RAMA NAIDU, a south filmy producer, director, G… more »
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