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Your Feedback Helps Us To Deliver Best

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Hi there, Please Provide Feedback to Make Us Improve (Touch The Below Link) On this auspicious Saturday, weekend, I have a small request for you. I have been providing lot of tips & tricks on Excel, including few videos (of-course ocassionaly) to make you passionate on excel. In this go, I thought of taking a feedback from you to improve my performance, quality and standards of the blog and its posts. So, requesting you to please click on the link below and provide your feedback. FEEDBACK FORM: click more »

Kick-Off Unwanted Pivot Layouts

Excel Tips, Pivot Tutorial
Hi there, Today, I will be sharing a most important tip for Pivot Table. Most of the questions I am receiving from my trainees are from Pivot. Especially on today's topic. i.e., How to come out of Pivot Layout if at all we don't require to create a Pivot for our data? The Excel workbook will look mysterious if at all you are not able to know the solution to this problem. Many times, I have deleted the complete workbook or worksheet when I face this situation before knowing this tip. However we will proceed how to remove or delete the Pivot Layout when not required. When You want to Create a Pivot, the Layout Looks Like This more »

Reverse FirstName with LastName & Vise Versa

Formulas, Excel Tips
Hi there, In this post, we will discuss about how to change firstname to lastname and lastname to firstname. This is very easy to do with out using LEFT or RIGHT functions. Here we go: In our latest post, Extract Only Names from Outlook email, use same technique to extract first name and last name to the different columns and concatenate lastname first and firstname last to replace firstname to lastname and lastname to firstname. more »


Festival Special, Unpack Your Gift
Hi there,   I have a strange trick  more »

Extract Only Names from Email Address

Excel Tips
Hi there, This tip will help you a lot if you are looking to extract names out of email address. The situation here is that I need to know how many employees are working under each Team Lead and they are working for which application. (few companies work for more than one application when they are doing application support / service business. Extract Only Names from Outlook Emails ID's using exceltoxl more »

3 TimeSaving Tips

Excel Tips
Hi there, Today, let's specialize about how the below 3 formatting tricks will help us for day to day reporting. The tricks follows as below: 1. Scroll-free Fonts: If you know the font name rather than scrolling through the list, just type the font name and it gives you the rest. more »
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