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Show Me Pleaseeee!!! - Excel Tip

Excel Tips
Hi there, I am sure every excel user uses data validation for your work. If you are new to this feature - this feature helps to create a drop down menu for the list of items to be displayed in a cell. The funny part here is when we create this dropdown menu from data validation unless the data validation cell is active or the cell is active, dropdown icon will not be shown. It is difficult to recognize which cell has a dropdown menu, unless we active that particular cell. To overcome this scenario we have a great tip and is easy to do by inserting "control x forms" using Developer Tab. Learn How to Create a DropDown in Excel? Show Me Pleaseee!!! DropDown Symbol in a Cell more »

Keep Me Separate - Excel Trick

How-to's, Excel Tips
Hi there, I am familiar to these words in my schooling. I have studied in co-education school where boys and girls sit together to attend the classes. Boys sit right side of the room and Girls sit left side of the room. (same procedure applies for Bride and BrideGroom). :) This post is an extension to our last post, Extract Names from Email Address. I have a scenario in the Excel which resembles like this and is quite easy if you know the trick to separate them but it kills your valuable time if you are unknown how to do this. The scenario is something like this. more »

Life History of INDEX

About, Formulas, Arrays
Hi there, Today, while I was browsing through google to learn new techniques on Excel, I have found a great article on INDEX function. Once you read this complete post, you will definitely say thanks to the writer. Further delaying let me share the words of the writer. Makesure you carry a meal and tea to your desk before you start reading this post, because it is bit lengthy. :) The Excel INDEX function is the single most important in the roster of Microsoft Excel functions. Now that might be surprising considering the function's humdrum name, but please pay close attention, because INDEX is one of the magical secrets of how to use Excel! So what's so great about the INDEX function? It's nonvolatile, sprightly, agile, and versatile. Excel INDEX can return one value or an array of values; it can return a reference to one cell or to a range of cells. INDEX works well on either side of the three Reference Operators - the colon, the space, and the comma. more »

Save Files Faster in Excel 2013

Excel Tips, Excel2013
Hi there, Have you started using Excel 2013 version. I think you are finding difficult to save the files and open the new excel files is a tidious process in Excel 2013, right? To open the excel files or to save the excel files you need to go through more clicks than usual in Excel 2007. Excel 2013 is really good because of its features like power pivot, power view, flash fill, auto fill options, One Drive, Sky Drive and above all its a cloud based office version. So, we feel Excel is an awesome application by it means. However, save the files and opening the files is really a tidious process here. But to save some clicks to microsoft there is a silent feature in Excel Options window by name "Don't show the backstage when opening or saving file". more »

CTRL+ ENTER (to fill the below cells)

Shortcuts, How-to's
Hi there, This is a great tip, I am using quite some time now. I thought sharing it with you. This tip is basically helpful when you are updating the blank cells when the column is in filtered mode. Master@Home is a program where Master Comes to Your House to Master You On Excel, Awesome Right? Say, you have to fill the column with Country Name when the other column has state names. Filtering all Indian states and update the country name as INDIA. You can do this by selecting the blank cells and typing in one cell and before clicking on ENTER, hold CTRL button and hit ENTER. more »

Create Dynamic DropDown using Excel DataValidation

Formulas, Learn Excel
Hi there, Today, you will be mastering on how to create dynamic dropdown's using data validation feature in Excel. First question your mind throws out is what is Dynamic Drop Down (DDD) right? Yes, let me start answering to it, first. Say, we have 3 countries with few number of states for each country. This data needs to be updated in an Excel when you are working on country wise data or state wise data. So, updating the matching states to each country is quite a tidious process and lot of remembering power is required. NameManager is used to create Names to the Range of Cells in Excel ( more »
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