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SUM based on Colour (No Cast & No Religion)

Formulas, CF
Hi there, In this post, I will be sharing three slides on how to SUM values based on colour, without considering its cast and its religion ;) Let me know what you have understood after reviewing these three slides. And, if you still requires explanation on this post, please post your comment as "Explain Please". Here we go: more »

Sum Values Based on Two Conditions

Hi there, Recently, I have completed one batch of MASTER@HOME program and in the mean time I gave a question to my students related to the post title. The question is Sum the values in column C based on the values >30 and the values more »

4 Ways to Colour Alternative Rows (with no time)

Formulas, CF, Tables, Fill Handle Tricks
Hi there, I am sure, many of you are familiar about Table feature in Excel. Some time, while working on the data we feel like filling colour to an alternative rows to showcase them nicely to the management. We can achieve this using four different methods. I bet you will atleast like one of them. These tips are much easier and can save lots of time rather colouring it manually. Let us go ahead now: There are four different ways to colour alternative rows in Excel: 1. Using Conditional Formatting (more here) 2. Using Table 3. Using Auto Fill Option 4. Using Banded Rows. more »

Who Said VLOOKUP extracts only from LEFT to RIGHT

Hi there, [adsense:] Here is an another great post, on VLOOKUP. Most of you all known VLOOKUP extracts data matching from left column to give the output of right column. But, in this post you will be learning how to extract values from any column using VLOOKUP. I am so confident that this will be one of my great posts, that I have posted in this blog. If yes, leave your comment in the below comment section. Let's proceed to achieve this goal. more »

Convert Column Names into Numbers

Hi there, [adsense:] Recently, I have received an excel workbook from my student and it was looking like this (empty sheet is posted here). R1C1 Style of Excel I was shocked and thought how is this possible in Excel. I think, even you would have shocked by now, right?, That is when I cracked this excel sheet. Do you know how to crack this column names with numbers rather than alphabets. If you know, stop this post here and post it in the comments section. Rest can proceed with me more »

Unveil Secret Santa Gift

Unpack Your Gift
Hi there, Most of all, are celebrating Christmas Eve, right? Yes, this month, December, is famous because of CHRISTMAS Festival. Basically I am not a Christian (not that only christians will celebrate CHRISTMAS) however, this time I am going to celebrate with lots of fun & santa gifts because I received invitations from my students living in Bangalore. Thanks to all who invited me. And, I will definitely be a part of your christmas eve this evening. I can not promise everyone for my presence however, I will try to reach as many as I can to collect Santa Gifts from you ;) Not actually, I will bring santa gifts for you or your children for sure. more »
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